Small home wireless routing WDS bridging extend WIFI coverage

Wireless Distribution System,wireless (Wireless Distribution System,abbreviationWDS

In this technique a few years ago when it appeared,Now gradually being replaced wisp Technology,Because the latter is more convenient、Easy to use,Powerful。

But there is such a demand on hand just also happens to have two wireless routers(Unfortunately they only have WDS function。)So we[……]

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How to fix missing updated class issue in WordPress

In your WordPress updated articles were added to the label is a good choice,So you can be notified to search engines when your article is the updated。Other,Today, search engines and the latest number of the recently updated content ratings as one of the items,Then add your WordPress articles which updated the label becomes necessary。

Structured Data[……]

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360search for:You changed the vest,I do not know you?

Today bored opening the blog start page statistics obscenity,Suddenly I found there was a new (common on a few who do not know who is right? What Google Baidu ah ah it will be) on the origin domain name is,As it has been a soft spot for people who are outside the chain,I have to point to open to see whether this is a kind of website。

Then I saw myThe booger have eruptedthe result of:

I had not[……]

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John McAfee在Varney & Company program demonstrates how to use a simple social invade Sony Pictures

First, that some digression,Today, outside the chain of inquiry found the time I rely on! I know almost had connections inside traffic,Point to open to see a man actually found to have recommended to my blog - independent IT Bo ~

How do you say,Very touched it,Crooked writing so long,Finally it is recognized by the others a little a little bit,Suddenly I felt this thing on their significance is much greater than itself ......

So, ah,I decided to let[……]

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Dust It Off – The Do movie "I type origin (I Origins)" Interlude lyrics Chinese translation

Find movie

Purely because of coincidence,Luzhu going to cook dumplings,Had wanted to see a zombie with rice, said the results ...... suddenly cast on the insideSteven YuanLittle interest

Then easily point to open this brief introduction of the goods,Then saw the film ...... ah,Interested,Do not think too much。This interest nor that interest ╮(╯▽╰)╭

In short,Trailer here:


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QQ space of privacy settings "dynamic archive my"

Before the dissemination of information quickly enough,No one seems to think aboutPrivacy issues。And now your information may be on the other side of the Earth people know when random,It also put the "privacy" issue to the fore on the table。

Recently routing are playingQQ space,After taking into account all the friends eventually did inEveryoneBut the QQ ......

Ok,QQ space for privacy settings,Or the need to customize some of。First QQ[……]

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Do you like to read it? Buy mini rabbit does not know how to use? If you are a university student,Let me give you some advice!

This is my article published Wei Feng,Badly written,But seal the glaze is still praised Canada for this,This article makes long hung on the first page of the section of the mini rabbit ~ so ...... XD I'll come back to your own blog,In order to allow more people to see,Ah ...... This is the essence of a perfect school ~

As an undergraduate Luzhu,Especially in this type of a variety of professional engineering books we understand,Usually I like to read books and newspapers,so…[……]

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Yosemite open not start after Trim solutions

After the addition of the Yosemite beta program,Routing the first time to upgrade it,After upgrading to want to open at hand cheap trim,Okay, I admit that in fact is not turned on and basically not much difference between the actual feelings on,Forgive my obsessive-compulsive disorder。

Open this post in accordance with the dry,Very smooth process,The results were tragic

Restart the progress bar and hung up halfway,Display a white prohibit icon,Even cmd + s such a single-user mode can not be entered,The same white prohibit icon。I do not know the previous version, such as the Mavericks will likewise,But I think this should be the previously common white apple + unlimited chrysanthemum。[……]

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OpenWRT series of tutorials WEB management interface installation --LUCI

You can now have access to the Internet,Next, we installWEBManagement Interface,because thisCLIInterface is really boring enough。

PS:Xiao Bian is to learnCISCOof,CISCOofTHEReally Niubi ah,Simply handy,Sincere! So I breathCISCOofCCIEDown testOk,Not cackle,carry on

LIGHTSYesONofWEBManagement Interface,Very strong very strong! !

Update Software[……]

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