Month – August 2015

In OS X 10.11 Compiled Twister

Twister He is a famous anonymous to the center of the micro-blog system,It borrows as we know itBitcoinas well as P2P protocol,Let microblogging can no longer be deleted posts,This is an anti-censorship microblogging system。but,Its use at present may not be opened as simple as microblogging website login account to。In the local computer to install a pre-compiled client is a good choice - but OS X, not so easy to do,[……]

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Slow brew update image update source solutions

Brew is similar to apt-get and yum package manager is a OS X,,It relies on Github ..................

So,While you are lucky enough to be downloaded to the brew,But you certainly can not update the brew。Cause you know。However, although it can not update brew,But this only refers to brew the manager itself Bale,Or software that can be installed。However, due to not use[cra[……]

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It is time to use the PAC whitelist

As early as 12 years time,I wrote an article,More beautiful intelligent PAC! -Flora,introduced Flora this project,At that time we said gfwlist Every so often it needs to be updated to run well,Otherwise, there will be a lot of pages does not open。

gfwlist blacklist is an open source project,It consists of thousands of users gathered from contributions,In order to achieve self-being GFWed domain[……]

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Add a background image to a web

Sometimes we do a simple placeholder page out,This page does not need any of the content,Simply a background image to chapter,But simple things are often more difficult to achieve。

This is what I wrote a page directly encountered problems,Code like this:

It looks perfect solution, right? But actually encounter[……]

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Blue light Lantern 2.0 Official release

As early as last year, Lantern It has been released,Worldwide sharing tools as a new breakthrough blockade。When it is completely closed beta,You need to apply and wait for the message to verify。However, it is based on Java,Mac version of the basic disability ......

If you have a ladder,You can watch a video below,This is available when the time Lantern,Official website released a promotional video。

Doing great。


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WordPress Chinese users to upgrade 4.3 Backstage after the problem is solved

In the previous article in which I Tucao own stupidity,But then I successfully solved the problem。

Now look at how to do it


First Symptoms,Chinese version of Wordpress (especially upgrading from an older version all the way up) users to upgrade to 4.3 You may encounter backstage after the editor can not switch the "Visualization" and "text" mode,"Add Media" button is disabled,Code highlighting plug[……]

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WordPress updated! 4.3 Billie

Luckily the first time more 4.3,Editor finally native support for pseudo markdown

The first support icon Set the entry

Edit menu when finally able to instantly display

New users can then automatically create strong passwords


I want to say ............ background enhancements and code highlighting that this is no trouble even ah! ! ! !?

Start tragedy

Last night the night[……]

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Poker 2 Mechanical keyboard Mac key to modify

Use Mac you can not think there are many benefits of this,Of course, it is difficult to match the appropriate keys keyboard is one of the drawbacks you can think of。

After a long tangle,I was into the Poker 2 ,84, commonly known as a key we are 60% Keyboard,Or keypad。This keyboard is like your home keyboard,From the ribbon button to the right to have all cut,Then the outer border of the narrow way。

As you can see,[……]

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