Month – June 2011

X19+ 4G SRS set tutorial

Electric X19+,Hehe。

The period before,Doing bored,Want to buy a MP3 listen,Started buying a 499 or less,Tao came back online later found on a few other things,Then find a 99,Ya ugly hell,(Also called a,I'm still very XX of ahem ... ... ) Specifically does not say,Finally found a couple of,One is the X19+,Another is blue magic Yin Yue Department of。[……]

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numlockx resolve ubuntu start small keyboard light does not shine

howOpen the keypadA?
After boot,KeypadThe default is not input numbers。。。

Each boot needsNum lock PressIt can be very troublesome ......。

Generally UB default keypad light is bright,However installedGnome3After not bright。There is also a lot of friends after the upgrade somehow not bright。

For too lazy to get (for example routing) Friends,Then,numlo[……]

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Linux ubuntu Gnome 3 Beautiful pictures!

Hehe,Yesterday hard all night,Days are bright to sleep,Finally gave out on the gnome3,Find,Really good ...... hey than unity

Do not say,On the map,Although there are some small details not quite perfect,But, overall,,not bad!

This shell is slightly screenshot,Left "active" in the full menu instead of g2,(Okay, I admit some chaos ......),Right by the switch ah what,This[……]

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