Month – July 2012

When encountered Chinese wordpress Categories,404 the perfect solution!

This problem is encountered a few years ago,Looking back now look,The original solution did some sloppy - because I overlooked an important factor,That's coding problems。

According to this article after solving approach actually works - provided that you have to click in the blog to be effective,But once you meet like this crawling connection:编[……]

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Internet taught you Science Series IV:Pretty smart PAC!–Flora

I believe a lot of cheese have seen we write"You taught science Internet Series"We have been able to maneuver and handy inside and outside walls。But you have not found what I wrote there aSmart pacs things? This thing is flawed (At least I think so uh),You use this stuff comes fromautoproxy2pac,It is a precise record of the database by a wall site,Maintained by countless volunteers,Website collects rely entirely on network[……]

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Subscribe by rss Youku personal video

Maybe you will not like me super powderGoogle Readerwhat,Every day I look at my google reader Login subscribe news,so。。。I also want to usegoogle readerYouku was like to subscribe to the cow's video,Or else every day to open their space to view the updated page is a really annoying thing ...... (although unlikely anyone Well done daily update。)
But I foundYoukuActually norss? ? Investigation,Found out that in order to earn advertising fees so the hidden rss,This is easy to handle,Let's put it manually pulling out。
Youku open a personal home page,Such addresses are,Here we will go with the king freely boss page for demonstration,Oh yeah

You open another person's home,It is similar to the address,Remove similar places,I found a personal id,which isMjI0ODEwMzQ4(Careful comparison you will find the capitalTheAlso repeated)

However, the direct use of this address is not acceptable,Obviously, this address is encrypted,The analysis in short, I find out,This address isBASE64Encrypted。So,Encrypted with this stringBASE64Then decryptionDivided by 4,To ok。

Such,We get the real id boss,That 56,202,587.

Then,Youku rss address format is like?


This is my neighborhood out from google reader,You just need id string back into your own work out of home id,Google reader can successfully subscribed!

At last,Reference to the contents of this partHereHereIs aOnline base64 encryption and decryptionWebsite,Province go search。:)



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