Month – July 2015

Karel introduce this robot

Early in the 1970s,Stanford University graduate Rich Pattis think if we make the novice programmer in a relatively complex programming language,,Comparatively simple learning environment,Will contribute to the programming language teaching。This simple environment characterized by a variety of programming languages ​​from abstraction。So he designed such a program environment,Allow students to teach a robot to solve simple problems。This robot is Karel[……]

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For my own use Swift 2 Wrote a rudimentary Karel Robot

Update it!

This update adds a branch,Goal is to create the "Next" function,In addition to repair the ugly side of the white block interface!

Currently no more modifications,run.swift file more refreshing,No more double thread it!

With an array of state of static storage Karel,Thanks for the banana king!

Adjust the speed of the great dream is within reach!?[……]

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Exception in thread “main” java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0

When you learn Java,Some details of the small problems tend to be very confusing,When in receive parameters, for example。

If your program needs to receive arguments in order to run,And you did not give the default parameters,That can cause this error:

For example, your code is:

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SARFT ban vulgar reality show:Boycott and show off their wealth over the star

Yesterday,Light Ding Bureau officially issued the "Notice on Strengthening Management of the reality show"。The circular points out,Hot nowadays reality show mostly interesting and "meaningless"。It is not a good guide social values ​​of the public ......

Alas,Light Ding finally do a piece of Personnel,Speaking of reality show,I thought of that sucker 20 beauty review see monkey ..................[……]

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IT (Information Technology) and technical data (Data Technology)

As early as last year,DT concept was brought up,And I do not know has been。until today,Only occasionally learned。Quickly following google,Not only the amount of help sigh:I already can not keep up the trend。

We know that IT is short for Information Technology;So the name suggests DT,Data Technology is the abbreviation of the。

The thought of the future home computing[……]

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String NSString and what difference?

Swift programming language learning time may not experience this thing,But with the depth of learning,As you read other people's code when,You will probably encounter this type NS,This time you will certainly be curious,similar String and NSString In the end where the difference? They seem to be exactly the same way! and,As by keyword,We can also easily make data transfer between both of them[……]

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