Month – May 2017

Market segments:How independent developers that determine the development project

As the saying goes,A good beginning is half the battle。
I find a lot of friends to chat,He says wants independent developers,Say you have an idea or project。And so they opened their mouths,I knew he was the end result is going to vote resume。

Many independent developers from the outset doomed (more likely than others) fail。 Why do you say? Many developers try to do independent development,Finally, you find yourself doing the app with no one。Eventually leading to frustrated,weight[……]

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Adding to the server ipv6 support through Apple's review

IOS app backend server to do,It needs to be done to support the ipv6,although 6 Almost do not use in China,Unfortunately Apple is now requiring all shelves app needs to support pure ipv6 network,So,At least our server to be up and running in under an environment ipv6。

Since most domestic server can not provide ipv6 network,So we can only find their own tunnel,Now use[……]

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How pocketed the key input is to achieve sound

All to known,Input method does not need to get off the grid. "Full access”,So according to Apple's rights,Naturally, you can not play the key tone。

but,Recent pocketed updated input method added this feature - you can even join in later versionsKey shockThe。However, I stillNo needGet "full access"。

Then,How I do it?

iOS in the sound and vibration

In fact, the same thing[……]

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Save a black apple hackintosh used for development of

IPhone and other platforms to develop applications,Always need to use an Apple computer,Or iMac or rmbp,Even the mac mini is also OK。but,When a relatively large development projects,We need something more,Such as me,While doing a littleInput,But what algorithm run run thesaurus,A trip down must one day,It might also collapse again。Whenever Xcode not live up to expectations at every turn whiteboard[……]

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