Rollover to the Ubuntu Server 16.04

We vps,In general, Ubuntu is still easy to use,On the one hand it is more friendly to novice,On the other hand are some common service configuration can be a key installation。Plus Niubi ufw,Really perfect。

but,Now not all vps service providers are able to provide the latest Ubuntu Server 16.04,what a pity。It has so many benefits of,For example, the library is a native php[……]

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Please use caution in the C # var

we all know,For example, Swift 、 Python,,You do not need to declare a special variable type - although they are type-safe languages,But it can help you to dynamically infer the type of a variable in context。

Python do what you do,Write a name is the default declare a variable;And Swift,It is more close to our topic,It also uses[crayon-61abb[……]

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Let's Encrypt using the VPS configure SSL for Nginx

Before we have talked about how to siteOpen Full Site SSL Now we take a look at how the vps to Nginx open Let's Encrypt certificate and automatically update。

The contents of this article older,About letsencrypt configuration article,I wrote a new,Perhaps you can refer to a look:letsencrypt tool renamed certb[……]

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Using python write a domain whitelist reptiles

Some time ago I wrote an article,SayIt is time to use the whitelist to the wallThe,But that has expired long whitelist,It is not so smooth with the,Then I say boasted:I want to implement your own a reptile,Come crawling China's domain,Good update whitelist。

Ok,All in all this crawler is written on the line and then climb took more than ten thousand,But in the end I found the former to do a better solution,So the project was abandoned reptile[……]

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Minecraft server set up in Ubuntu and mount Mod

Recently roommate Ubuntu On the run MC,I helped take a moment,However, due to his own packageTo turn over,It may not be a specific process running GM,But the overall environment configuration is quite common。

Prepare the environment

MC is running in the first java Environment,To make it run more smoothly,We still have to be installed on UbuntuOracleThe java environment:

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Python strings and arrays of bytes

When using Python to do network programming will inevitably encounter convert a string to the byte stream,Here we record the following commonly used methods:

First byte array to a string,That is str:

Then the string to a byte array:

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