Month – April 2013

Wordpress theme how to adjust the default font size

2013November 4 New ......

Find style.css file,Edit this paragraph wherein the bottom

among themtitle aHere's edgeheightHome blog can adjust the height of the name,SuchThe name will not get together and dividing linesLa!

...... Updated,The following is the original -

Fall Gezheng[……]

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The method of manually generating yum repository Redhat6

In Redhat6 future systems will exist yum repositoryYum database manually generatedThis issue

And several previous versions of the database are automatically generated

May be mirrored with redhat6 about it .xml files and package files are not in a place that no detailed research to explore next time

First determine yum of these packages have been fitted

There areyum yum-upd[……]

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superrecovery cracked version - from the network,Only for backup,Please support genuine!

This may be the only one superrecovery cracked version ......
Younger sister U disk data recovery can not be restored with easyrecovry,Although it is strange,At least she tried to get,So also be a backup ...... ah,that's it……………………
This software download fromHereof
I do a backup,I can also be downloaded from here or fromHuawei network diskDownload。

Download now original package virus,Well, I[……]

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Prohibit running cmd on computer solutions

I wrote this beforeFrom the "crack field pole electronic classroom" experience in mindandHow easy it is to mention the right to limit the authority of the computer? These two articles,Inside it is mentioned for the cmd disable computer problems。

So I try to do with a bat batch mode command,But sometimes just in a hurry to run some command cmd,So for a limited computer cmd really annoying,then,I found a way,Batch with bat[……]

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[Turn] on OS X forgot password four kinds of solutions

  1. Use Apple ID to reset user account password
  2. Use OS X CD-ROM disk to reset a user U or account password
  3. Create a new administrator account to change the existing user account password
  4. Recovery mode terminal change the user account password

All contents of this article fromHere,Reprinted done only for backup purposes。

Use Apple ID to reset user account password

As FIG.[……]

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Ubuntu10.06 install ati graphics driver simple tutorial

A few days ago I download bt5r3,wroteInstall back|track 5 R3 and configuration interface simple tutorialSentence,bt5r3 is based on the ubuntu10.06,This version of ubuntu just not convenient to drive manager,So,If you want to be mounted directly on to the laptop bt5r3,Graphics drivers have become a problem。

I was solved:

First of allknow about you[……]

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How easy it is to mention the right to limit the authority of the computer?

Previous article discussed,On the use in some schoolsVarious student classroom management software crack As well as inside the classroom for the very domain of electronic break,Inside the guide describes some of the methods。

But inside a little:

I said:"The change of name Registry Editor,Then you can double-click to open "This is one of the cases,There is also a group policy is to limit what out of,So even if you change your name,Copy it to no avail,Open to[……]

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