Month – June 2013

That point out the thing ARP RARP Inverse ARP and DHCP between

How do network also has a year,Speaking today, a fewAgreement with "arp" in accordance withSome confused old,So I come here to be a simple distinction。

First, that ARP (address resolution protocol):

This is not difficult to understand,arp protocol used in the computer artTao own MAC address and IP addressin the case of,It used to get the peer IP address corresponding to theMAC address。of course,cross[……]

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Cisco ip helper-address 详解

Some time ago I wroteA simple example Cisco routers DHCP and DHCP relay configuration,Article uses a command to achieve theDHCP forwarding,But this function is exactly how to achieve it? Now let's learn more about this command。

When the terminal equipment andDHCP serverWhen not on the same broadcast domain,Intermediate devices need to specify an address to be broadcast packet forwarded out,That needs to be sethelper_add[……]

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