Month – June 2016

In macOS 10.11 Use BootCamp to install Windows on 10 Resolve partition error

Then suck everything for two!

Pioneer butt out,To be able to suck on it,I also spent a tremendous effort。- Why did so pit father does not support macOS it!

It is said that the virtual machine to install the watch even though it can enter the game pioneer but there will be a strange black blocks appear,The game can not。

In short,I spent five years macOS,The first reason finally installed dual system。

But he had this Bootcamp Raiders[……]

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Ali cloud management API use dynamic domain name resolution ddns

Dynamic DNS,Acronym ddns,It is different from our usual DNS resolution,But it is intended to deal with the kind of no fixed public IP address resolution server。

Typical usage is:Construction of small home broadband server,There is no fixed IP,Want online,In addition to writing scripts mail outside,The only way this can go ddns。

as far as I can tell,The most famous is probably the notoriously unstable and difficult to use peanut shells[……]

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embedXcode find Arduino system library header files

Arduino play on Mac,In addition to the official use of the simple addition of IDE,You can also choose to use Xcode to develop。

use embedXcode Plug-ins can make Xcode transformed into embedded development IDE,Including native compilation、Uploading full set of features。

but,In the standard library when it is a problem,For example, the[……]

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Swift in the single mode

In the process of writing the code,We will meet when the need to ensure that only one instance of the global,This time use the singleton pattern。

Single mode--this ensures that only one instance of a class,And provide a global point of access to。

What about how to implement the singleton pattern? We take a look at the classic Java code,How to implement the singleton pattern。

We had a quick search on the Internet "java singleton pattern" will be able to find[……]

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