How to make NSWindow displayed in a different Space or the Screen

Among write off the grid input method the Mac version of the process,I encountered such a problem,Article candidate system API disrepair,Many API functions exists but is essentially useless,such as:

This method is used to set the style of a candidate bar,In addition to the default inside[crayon-61750033ab2878684[……]

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URL encounter Chinese characters could not be initialized

In the Swift,We often used to initialize a URL path,For example, links to web pages。For example, this:

When the user clicks the button (for example, the Help button),Then all of a sudden will help the user to open the default browser,And opens the specified page (here's a forum)。

Then,If this is your link[……]

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Gradle configure proxy

Gradle default Direct Connect network,Even Mac set the global proxy is the same。Even if you set up a proxy to Android Studio,It will still be directly connected fine, clear that you can not connect to the Web site in China for a lifetime ......

Gradle let go Agent,You need to give it a separate configuration,In each project [crayon-61750033ac1fb6[……]

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How do the most basic password security to the server.

Basically reached the industry-standard secure encryption

Do app do site,Inevitably and server、Backstage、Data deal,Then developed as a background,When it comes to Register Login,You should think most users should be safe,In particular password security。

Now a website security community almost every day、A company is Tuoku,That is the whole point of being stolen database download。So all your user data fall into the hands of criminals,Even so should be how to prevent,Criminals can not get used[……]

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Design three elements:The virtue of what independent developers to seize the user's heart?

China's Internet is monopoly,Most Internet users daily access are not escape those few manufacturers of service,Another point of view,They do not require services outside of these manufacturers。Because daily Internet services are monopolized by manufacturers,As an independent developer,You do not have enough human and material resources,Not thinking focus、Research does not expect users,The temerity to contend against the wind and manufacturers,So the next failure is inevitable。

Previous articleWe discussed[……]

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NextCloud to build private clouds with personal


Background account

Before everyone wrote OwnCloud build private clouds with personal Articles,Until now, network disk have been out of service for some time,Now ownCloud The team also abandoned pit,All switched to develop a new network drive”NextCloud“。

ownCloud version number has been maintained at[crayon-6175003[……]

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