Month – July 2014

Yosemite open not start after Trim solutions

After the addition of the Yosemite beta program,Routing the first time to upgrade it,After upgrading to want to open at hand cheap trim,Okay, I admit that in fact is not turned on and basically not much difference between the actual feelings on,Forgive my obsessive-compulsive disorder。

Open this post in accordance with the dry,Very smooth process,The results were tragic

Restart the progress bar and hung up halfway,Display a white prohibit icon,Even cmd + s such a single-user mode can not be entered,The same white prohibit icon。I do not know the previous version, such as the Mavericks will likewise,But I think this should be the previously common white apple + unlimited chrysanthemum。[……]

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OSX in normal WIFI connection but still prompt can not connect to the Internet


In normal use,Sometimes all of a suddenMac WIFI icon turns grey,Then top showing an exclamation mark,Clicking on it you will see that it prompts you "Warn:No Internet connection』,This feature is excellent value,It let you do not need to wait to not open Web page, find lost Mac network connection。


of course,Bad news here,Sometimes you will find that even the icon appears,Warning letters in there[……]

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OpenWRT series of tutorials WEB management interface installation --LUCI

You can now have access to the Internet,Next, we installWEBManagement Interface,because thisCLIInterface is really boring enough。

PS:Xiao Bian is to learnCISCOof,CISCOofTHEReally Niubi ah,Simply handy,Sincere! So I breathCISCOofCCIEDown testOk,Not cackle,carry on

LIGHTSYesONofWEBManagement Interface,Very strong very strong! !

Update Software[……]

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Basic settings OpenWRT tutorial series interface

Although you can now access the CLI OP,But can not do anything,To use WEB access OP,We need to give OP to install on your web page,But only if we want toGive OP connected to the network

Topology as follows:


First, let's giveVANA port configurationIPaddress,MakeONAccess to Internet。According to my topology,mineVANPort should be usedDHCPThe most appropriate way[……]

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Initialization OpenWRT configuration tutorial series

OpenWRT is a very powerful system! I,As a small white OP,Research journey began ...

First, look for installation,Topology as follows

ONWhat is the first boot configurations are not,So,First boot the computer with a network cable connectionONofROLLINGmouth,Then it will automatically get a192.168.1.0/24ofIPaddress,Because it is the initial configuration,YesNoWEBpage,So we can only[……]

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Use seven cattle CDN cause ajax error Comments{“error”:”get from image source failed: E405″}


Because before routing always wanted to tryThird-party social comment boxWP to replace their comments,But nonetheless could not find any suitable selection,Now once again we had to exchange for carrying the comment box。(Well, anyway, no one will come to comments。)

But after the exchange's own comment box I found a problem,That is when the matter turned Ajax publish what comments,Will lead{“error”:”g[……]

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