Month – October 2016

How to learn the natural code secondary code?

Natural Code is a relatively old program of Larry,How old? Old now many users do not know that it is a set of secondary code scheme。

Natural code secondary code can not be called barcode,It is called the secondary code,Because this program is designed as an auxiliary or,So it can not be done as a very low rate of weight like calf auxiliary code - but with the sound of words,It is still very efficient use。

Why even so lose it says[……]

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Let go SSH proxy server connection

Many network operation and maintenance、Or owners need to manage the server via ssh、vps,If you do not happen to,Separated by a wall between you and the server GFW,Then since GFW will analyze ssh packets,Result was slightly slower network will allow the command to card one minute。

GFW is now fully capable of analyzing traffic characteristics ssh,To determine whether you are really using the ssh server configuration,Or use it[……]

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Swift uses InputMethodKit to write an input method

How to write an input method on iOS? This question has been answered a lot of people over。You can easily find a detailed tutorial by Google。but,On macOS write an input method is not so simple。

Ok,Strictly speaking,I mean use Swift to write a input method is difficult on macOS。The main reason is that no one has ever done this thing 。

Now able to[……]

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