Dust It Off – The Do movie "I type origin (I Origins)" Interlude lyrics Chinese translation

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Purely because of coincidence,Luzhu going to cook dumplings,Had wanted to see a zombie with rice, said the results ...... suddenly cast on the insideSteven YuanLittle interest

A mug shot membered Steven

A mug shot membered Steven

Then easily point to open this brief introduction of the goods,Then saw the film ...... ah,Interested,Do not think too much。This interest nor that interest ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Pretty clever female assistant (movie stills)

Pretty clever female assistant (movie stills)

In short,Trailer here:

Ok,This is not the official trailer HD subtitles,In short,We understand the spirit。

Dust it off

This song is a combination ofThe Die Done,Members haveOlivia B.MerilahtiandDan Levy,It is a new cross-border combination of one pair from Paris and Helsinki, Finland。Their debut album”A Mouthful“France won the popular championship standings。Indie folk-style orchestra,A little electronic。And this song belongs to the albumBoth Ways Open Jaws

Sorry Luzhu not find the HD version of the movie,We just barely a Look,The song appears in the front part of the film,Jon protagonist finally found on the subway at night and think of the goddess Sophie,But apparently Sophie does not want him to recognize,But Jon insists followed her,Then Sophie waiting for the subway station when,Jon put his headset on his head Sophie,I put this first great flavor of folk songs Dust it off

Then look at the time or foggy,Since the beginning of the movie How long meters,However, over the entire sheet View,Go back and listen to this song,Do not have a flavor,Really great feeling。

Materialistic male host Jon

Materialistic male host Jon

Then the shrimp to share songs:

http://www.xiami.com/song/1770406072?ppm = a1z1s.3521865.23309997.122.ZM23uF

This is the film "I Origins" (I Origins) Synopsis:

Ian Gray is a PhD candidate in molecular biology,Specializing in the evolution of the eye。At a party,He met a mysterious mask girl,With the memory of the girl beautiful eyes,He found her,They fall in love。Although it respects the basic tenets of life is completely different,But Quesihaowei affect the feelings。Years later,Ian and his lab partner Karen have a far-reaching discovery,He had to leave his family,Across the world to find the significance of this new discovery。

Ok,Now is the time lyrics:


Dust it offTo revisit the

Burning papers into ashes, 

Paper ashes
what a season, how they fly high from the ground ohhh 

What a beautiful season,How they fly so high from the ground oh
there is yet another fountain flowing over, as the night falls, 

Night falls,Another fountain that never runs dry
keep dreaming away 

He continues in the dream alive

if you hold on to that past, don’t you lock yourself inside, 

If you grabbed on the past,Do not Own Prison
Nothing has been done before 

Before nothing happened
It’s the most virgin dress you could possibly wear 

This could be your best start to wear clothes
Mess it up, Time is up 

It ruined it,it's time

Hold your memory for a moment with a blind hand. 

Hard to face your memories
Write some stories for tomorrow. 

Write something for tomorrow。
From the bottle of amnesia 

From inside a bottle of Love Potion
Find instructions to salvation, to oblivion supreme
Find a way to extricate themselves all look on 

Don’t be tempted to look back – It has all happen before
Do not dwell on the past to look back – They have already occurred 

Someday miracular spread will forgive every cowardly thing that you’ve done.
One day a miracle will come,Everything you do wrong will be forgiven 

That I’ve done.
I have now done that 

Dust it off.


To revisit the


Mystical Sufi (movie stills)

Mystical Sufi (movie stills)

- Saying,This is very difficult to translate,Even the English lyrics have several versions,Brother had listened to it several times to proofread your own lyrics ...... after all, is a French singer sister ...... so,This UK + US tone singing really is a catch chicken .................. (maybe this is where the flavor children?)

- the pit dead father,Translated to aSortFive countries actually half a day ...... Fortunately, I have a backup ...... direct written page is good,Real-time save drafts to the cloud ~

--Finally finished,Two hours。

- completely original translation。

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