Month – October 2015

A random number in C #

During the development time,You will inevitably use a random number。And still more when,We need to generate a series of random numbers numeric string spare。Fortunately, however, a variety of programming language provides a simple and easy to use pseudo-random number generator for your use,For example, in the C # Random

but,C # is the default system clock Random seed - this method is simple and crude,Unfortunately, the event generated a lot over a short time[……]

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Ocserv build server using Cisco Anyconnect

Some time ago the appleID theft uproar,I determined to return to prison upgraded 9.0. This is just great,Shadowsocks can not be used。This concerned me quite envious of Android phones……Use Surge let go Shadowsocks iOSRealize Scientific Internet。

In short,We still have to work hard in the VPN, right up and down iOS。VPN is now[……]

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