Month – January 2015

360search for:You changed the vest,I do not know you?

Today bored opening the blog start page statistics obscenity,Suddenly I found there was a new (common on a few who do not know who is right? What Google Baidu ah ah it will be) on the origin domain name is,As it has been a soft spot for people who are outside the chain,I have to point to open to see whether this is a kind of website。

Then I saw myThe booger have eruptedthe result of:

I had not[……]

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You should write blog - Steve Yegge

This is what I saw in Steve yegge the early years of the blogan article,Written in a very good,Although very old,But it still has a lot of merit,So I reprint it over translation。
Steve yegge former Amazon employees,Now switched to Google,I like to write blog content and sharp Tucao classic,The article he recommended everyone to blog。

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Days in the Baidu statistics

The occasion of the night,I wanted to sleep in,But suddenly whim want to see growing blog for so long since - of course,This is because I changed to cnzz statistics,So Baidu half a year of statistics had to part,It was a bit reluctant。

But there is no way,Have you ever seen parents who can CNAME cloud acceleration domain statistics to all antecedents domain name it? Yes! correct!Baidu statistics did it! ! !

His success[……]

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Influence "" of domestic WP

Like many others,Gerber also found a drop-off

This link,Since this is a foreign address,It caused the most direct impact is directly slow down the loading speed of the page。And also because it is another domain,So we can not bring it up Cache。

Then,This is exactly what things?

See end of file[……]

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WordPress how to use pseudo-static open the CNAME CDN ​​acceleration

Some time ago,Off the grid has been to use WP Super Cache's CDN functionality with seven cattle do CDN cache acceleration,Use good。Wandering off the grid has been using space provided by the host,Now four years,Space also moved from the west coast of Hong Kong,Now wandering out of their own CDN service,of course,Just internal use,But I was the first time joined the。

but,And those sites provide external di[……]

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After a conference to see his cell phone models and millet

Today went to the site to watch the press conference millet note,As a from milletmiui systemThe event,On urgent attention to his change in North Huaqiang,We can say that today many feelings,Especially today to visit this site makes me feel great。This time I put aside the phone hardware does not say,But this conference to talk about the changes from millet to see something out of it,Phone Well,In fact, a little more subjective selection factor,And now,[……]

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How to correct "posture" Uninstall WP Super Cache

Many people are recommended on the blogWordPressOf a plug,Be calledWP Super Cache

This plug-in effects

It isTo speed up your site! Yes, you read that right,But it's really easy to use it?Skip to speak here,Also because later on I will write a post to talk about it and discuss some of the problems for the environment。This article,Our goal is to see how to correct

Uninstall WP[……]

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John McAfee在Varney & Company program demonstrates how to use a simple social invade Sony Pictures

First, that some digression,Today, outside the chain of inquiry found the time I rely on! I know almost had connections inside traffic,Point to open to see a man actually found to have recommended to my blog - independent IT Bo ~

How do you say,Very touched it,Crooked writing so long,Finally it is recognized by the others a little a little bit,Suddenly I felt this thing on their significance is much greater than itself ......

So, ah,I decided to let[……]

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