Month – May 2013

'Javac' is not an internal or external command solutions

These days began playing with a BlackBerry,Engineering mode,Java development environment is installed on the computer,But always after the installation prompts

'javac’ Not an internal or external command balabalabala ... ...

Google ~ solution:

  1. Right-computer--> Properties-> The left side of the "advanced system settings"-> The "Advanced" option[……]

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Color tag cloud WordPress without a plugin

Off the grid is the default tag cloud tag cloud wp,Sizes,Color is actually very unified,This does not look very beautiful。

Is there any way to make it look better tag cloud? In fact, it is there,There are many plug-ins,All kinds,But for a tag cloud,Is again in the fast flip add a plugin seems quite wasteful。

So I found some simple ways to not use plug-in also implements the color tag cloud,Such fancy[……]

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Packet Tracer 5.0 6.0 mutiuser multiplayer Internet Guide

Packet Tracer is an auxiliary company published by Ciscolearning tools,Learning courses for beginners to Cisco network design、Configuration、excludeNetwork failureProviding network simulation environment。Users cansoftwareofGraphical User InterfaceUse drag method to establish directNetwork topology,And provide detailed process data packets traveling in the network,Real-time observation of network operation。You can learn IOS configuration、Failure to exercise[……]

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A simple example Cisco routers DHCP and DHCP relay configuration

Today came across configurationDHCP relayThe problem,Suddenly I found that I had actually not noticed,Even sometimes do not know how to engage,And later I had to Google it very awkward ......,Now recorded as follows:

I was not on the map topology,Simple words to describe:



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Pocketed replaced rss address,Please resubscribe friends!

In order to better manage statistics and blog subscriptions,Off the grid to replace the rss subscription address

due toFlying HandsThis oneDomestic pitIt is people helpless,So back to the route or replace native Feed。

Other,Still full subscription。

Subscription address is

And used as a plug-in to subscribe to blog statistics,This plug-in is calledMy Feed S[……]

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Linux Redhat Xen Virtualization study notes

This is before the time of learning 5.8xen virtualizationThe study notes

Although always feltxenBut fast become a zombieVirtualizationThis aspect is undeniable his powerful

especiallyredhat6CancelledxenxenGiving a feeling to be eliminated but canceled support for xen in my opinion it would be unwise

Or talkxenThe other pull much hurt the body

First, create a file,I'm straight[……]

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