Month – May 2018

Jannine Weigel – Deep End lyrics Chinese translation = bg6QV2JEPvI

Always liked Jannine Weigel,This song has recently been brain worm,And later recommended to the female vote,She asked me to translate ...... Well,A long time have not translated lyrics,Then the song lyrics and no Chinese,So I simply translated a bit, "Deep end" there are in the English language[……]

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Use Cherry MX Board on macOS 8.0 RGB

Woman sent me a ticket Cherry MX Borad 8.0! Yes,That is a rare manufacturers that need a 9.5 H CNC milling machineAnodizing 87 Key mechanical keyboard! Apple external keyboard and a design style,Coupled with a specially designed key caps font,I fell in love with at first sight to see(Incidentally blown about,This is what I often sayDesign three elementsIn the "visceral design")


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UTI quick check of a file

When carrying out the development of iOS macOS,We often need to interact and file,For example, association and open a certain type of file,Well, this time,Your name suffix used in this document are not,But it's UTI。

UTI is a unified file type name,It sets out what should be a file type,Rather than suffixes to determine,For example, txt,text,json are pure text files[……]

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