Month – April 2020

Avoid WordPress being used as a reflection amplification attack

Before I wrote an article,Use fail2ban Bind9 be used to prevent DNS amplification attacks,Never imagined,original Wordpress It can also be used for amplification attacks,The principle is its Pingback mechanism。

Pingback is a tool for notifying each other of a Wordpress website,For example, A blog refers to a B blog[……]

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When Mailgun no longer free,How do you placed your domain mail?

Before I wrote an article:《 Use Mailgun create your free domain mailMailgun There is a very interesting feature is the recipient routing,With this feature set,You can use any incoming mail forwarding to your mailbox which set a good,This eliminates the need for each domain name to set up a mail service,Only through Mailgun On the corresponding e-mail can be forwarded by e-mail needs - after all,[……]

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Swift Python Json data exchange signature

It has been a very popular self-signed certificate for HTTPS decryption,Then there are a lot of people realize crack of App by modifying Apple's internal purchase receipt。In fact Verified Purchase should be connected to the server App,Server to communicate with Apple's servers,The results are then sent to the App - but a lot of developers (including individual developers and corporate developers) do not bother to go to a special server maintenance,Therefore, the direct use of App and Apple[……]

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Swift Debug EXC_BAD_ACCESS in AppDelegate


Many people will encounter in the development EXC_BAD_ACCESS ,I'm sorry,This time, Xcode does not give any detailed solutions。

usually,This is due to a memory error caused。In simple terms it is that you create an object A,But in the later time of the visit,A memory in this area have been moved to do the system he used,For example, put the object B here - your[……]

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