Samsung DEX uses third-party input methods

I recently had the opportunity to try out Samsung’s Dex mode.,Encountering a headache。I usually use Shuangpin when typing Chinese.,Samsung keyboard does not support double pin.。Only third-party keyboard Google keyboard can be installed。But on Dex,Although the Google keyboard has been automatically added in the settings,But in actual use, only Samsung’s own keyboard can be used。

The solution is also very simple,Just delete the Samsung keyboard。I haven't tried this with multiple third-party keyboards installed,In my own case,After deleting Samsung keyboard,Since I only have google keyboard,Google Keyboard will automatically become the default keyboard。


1、Turn off automatic blocking, Settings - Security and privacy - Auto Blocker - off

This is a security feature recently added by Samsung,Turn it off temporarily to enable usb debug mode。You can come back later and turn this security option back on。

2、Turn on device Debug mode

Not repeat them here,Click the mobile phone version number several times and follow the prompts.。After turning it on, turn on usb debug in developer options.

3、Prepare developer environment

you need a computer,Either Windows or macOS will work,But you need to install the adb package,This way you can connect to your mobile phone to operate

Use the command adb devices Make sure you can see your device and have authorization,And then use the adb shell Connect mobile phone。

4、Remove Samsung Keyboard

Package id for Samsung keyboard is

After entering the mobile phone shell,You can use the command pm list packages | grep board To confirm that there is an app with the same package name as above

Use the command pm uninstall -k --user 0 to uninstall the app for the current user,You will see the Success words。


5、Restore Samsung Keyboard

Ok,Deleting the Samsung keyboard comes at a cost:System settings in progress,The Accessibility option is completely unavailable,If you don't use this function,You can ignore it or use goodlock to hide this button.。The other thing is if your lock screen password is a complex password that needs to be entered using the keyboard.,Then there is no system built-in keyboard,You may not be able to enter after restarting,Because third-party keyboards need to be unlocked before they can start。

It’s also easy to restore a Samsung keyboard,Just search and download from Samsung Mall directly.。Or repeat the above operation,Use the command in step 4 pm install-existing put it back。-- Because when we delete, we actually delete it for the current user.,This app is a system application,It is impossible to completely uninstall,So its bag is still there,Just install it。



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