Month – October 2014

VMware vSphere host can not mount Windows 2008 Server R2 NFS solutions

When configuring vSphere,Using NFS as the storage is a good choice,But often there will be various problems in time to mount the partition nfs,For example, do not use except the root directory (if you want to use, please check the "root directory readable")


This is a question to be recorded

Cannot open volume: /vmfs/volumes/ 138[……]

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Measuring body fat, thin, four different indicators Introduction

About Standards

At the beginning of a,Fat and lean on this argument is that there is no single standard,At that time are with the eyes - in fact,Until now visual method is still a time-tested approach:Fat? One does not see it coming!
but,Today, after a long time,Or the emergence of a variety of figures to reflect the human body through the health of algorithms,These algorithms have their own characteristics,Demand statistics are to be born - no way,When you tally[……]

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