Jannine Weigel – Deep End lyrics Chinese translation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = bg6QV2JEPvI

Always liked Jannine Weigel,This song has recently been brain worm,And later recommended to the female vote,She asked me to translate ...... Well,A long time have not translated lyrics,Then the song lyrics and no Chinese,So I simply translated a bit, "Deep end" there are in the English language[……]

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How OS X crash reports appear in the notification center

Figure from http title://osxdaily.com

For advanced developers or other areas for Mac users,Frequent crashes app pop-up windows crash reports "App quit unexpectedly" tawdry,OS X had interrupted work flow。A long-standing solution is to OS X in fullClose crash report dialog,In addition to,These crash report dialog was thrown into the Notification Center may not[……]

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iOS Concurrency:Getting NSOperation and Dispatch Queues


Recommended by a friend,Encountered such a good article describes concurrent,I translated it for everyone to read。I am not a professional translator,Limited level。Error is inevitable,If readers find the text is wrong,Welcome messages treatise!
Article translated appcoda iOS Concurrency: Getting Started with NSOperation a[……]

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Chapter VI with the stack view(Stack Views)UI design


iOS9 brings many new features to make our life easier development,Stack Views profile is a good example. Before you give a brief introduction of the auto layout. Let us work together in this example is simple, but,With your app UI becomes more complex,You will find all the iOS devices to provide the perfect interface constraints become more difficult. This is Apple's most[……]

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