Month – April 2016

Use fail2ban Bind9 be used to prevent DNS amplification attacks


Ali cloud I built for personal use dnsmasq server,DNS is used to make pollution-free,The recent disclosure of the IP,Sure enough, it was attacked - is actually being used DNS amplification attacks。

Since dnsmasq itself is not designed to provide external DNS service,So it is for security profile is not a lot (no!),But it's very easy to configure Resolution Policy ([……]

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Mac version of Thunder quietly collect user BT seeds

Just today,Small waiting six months for Mac version of Thunder finally updated again,A new version - although no new features,But finally dragged fixes a bug when running around the window。

but,Also encountered the problem can not be downloaded offline。With the help of the test while debugging,I found some other things:I accordance with the requirementsThunderComes debug tool to generate statistical information archive altogether 70M large![……]

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