Month – May 2014

WP syntax highlighting widget syntaxhighlighter cause excessive number of reception js


Code syntax highlighting in the WordPress plugin,I prefer the syntax highlighter for this,But this plugin will be a problem in the course of,That's it for each language individually write js script,The result was the number of reception load a maximum of 30 js much! Some say this country,For foreign blog for this is simply deadly。



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How to install ESXi ESXi?

Install a virtual machine in a virtual machine

I think is not what mysterious thing,VM virtual machine can be installed as a VM ESXi experimental environment,But this, after all, is limited by the ability level of the personal computer,Start experimental test or what will make people very upset,So,This time we will try to come installed on a real ESXi ESXi server,This should be more than installing multiple ESXi in a virtual machine performance to improve a lot,Such[……]

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Android added the local calendar uses event feature

Android phone,Built-in calendar is synchronized without creating an accountEvent function is not allowedof,It will prompt you to create an account。

Routing into a new paragraphNokia XCell phone,This phone is wonderful,It cut off the Google services,This led directly to the only Exchange can use,But it is depressing that Exchange could also synchronize cannot be。[……]

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OS x core frequency switching method

What is a Turbo

Application response time processor complex,Can run automatically improveClockedTo speed,Easily to higher performance requirementsMulti-tasking;When task switching,If the memory and hard drive only during the main work,Processor immediately in a power saving state。This will ensure the efficient use of energy,But also make the program speed boost。By intelligently accelerateprocessorspeed,Thereby maximize performance based on application requirements,High[……]

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Iptabls details

Currently on the market more common 3、4Layer firewalls,Called the network layer firewalls,There Layer 7 firewall,In fact, the gateway proxy layer

forTCP/IPofSeven-layer modelSpeaking,The third layer is the network layer,Three-layer firewall in this layer of the source and destination addresses for testing。But for the seven firewalls,Whether you source port or destination port,What is the source or destination address,We will have to check all your stuff。[……]

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Delete the OS x login item in the preferences do not see the startup item

Sometimes,We add a startup item but can not find in the "Preferences" in the "Users & Groups" and "Login Items" in the,This is for the future to remove these startup items increased when a lot of trouble - like those pkg package can not be uninstalled like。On how to uninstall the OS X package pkg,I have written two articles,You can easily comeHereandHereLook。

All right,With regard to the startup items,In addition to the partial[……]

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Mac OS X resolved socket.error: [Errno 48] Address already in use Port occupation problem


Using the GAE engine in OS x to science onlinegoagentorwallproxy,May occur during the boot process the following error then the service does not start successfully。


Actually it is because you have to start the same or similar services for the port,usually,In Ma[……]

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