Month – September 2012

Another new public NS,Domestic 114DNS

I remember when the blog I wrote just created aGoogle's public NSFor everyone,That which describes the utility of Google NS,Internet can be said that science must-ns

But under normal circumstances,Perhaps because of this ns itself from the wall bars,There will be all kinds of trouble in most cases,This time again send out a new domestic public ns


Security Insecurity,I say not,But say,Used to[……]

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FATAL ERROR : No Free Memory for XSDT

I useMacBook Pro ,Therefore, the use of online banking is very convenient,Or use a virtual machine to install a XP occasionally used to pay for online shopping。

Later, the more we use the more xp really bloated,Later also to consider long-term,Or from the Wei Feng, broke a streamlined Win7 stuffed inside the PD,The Win7 Professional Edition,I do not know install flagship I have not encountered this problem ah,Is activated when the card


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