Six words to help you start

1、"If one thing others can do 80%,You do not have to do it yourself。”

We start when there will be a myriad of issues and problems need to solve,If you can not learn decentralization,You can not collaborate with a good team and。A few people began to live more,Allocation of responsibilities often overlap one high wear many hats this is normal,Anyway you want to play a role,It must follow a guideline:Do what others can not do。


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vSphere storage using NFS do not use the thin-provisioned reasons

invSphere 5.5in,NFS is enabled by default in theThin Provisioning,The official said the document is very clear,but,During the experiment, the Luzhu has encountered such a problem:That is in any case can not be enabled on the virtual machine Thin Provisioning NFS storage。

Actually,inweb clientAbout disk provisioning on this one is simply gray (Thin Provisioning and not selectable default),Created a virtual machine[……]

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How to configure nfs server vSphere Windows2008r2

Some time ago the configurationvSphere,He wrote "VMware vSphere host can not mount Windows 2008 Server R2 NFS solutions"But this is not the most perfect solution,Turns out,The following permissions are imperfect。

After verification,It is for LuzhuWindows 2008 r 2OpennfsThe position does not ......


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