Java development environment Introduction


JDK (Java Development Kit) is a Sun Microsystems product for Java developers。Since its launch Java,JDK has become the most widely used Java SDK。JDK Java is the core of the whole,Including the Java Runtime Environment、Java tools and Java Foundation Classes。The first step is to learn the Java JDK。[……]

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An Zhuozhi to everything can install third-party TV software market


Before I'm sorry because I neglect the most important step to be omitted ...... resulting software tool impossible to find TV ...... now make up the volume。

NowSmart TVMore and more,In fact, one might as well sayAndroid TV BoxSo that。Download charges,Pay TV Pay movies online watch,Free can only see three minutes is not that also the death card death,Finally it comes with a software download is also a supermarket "An error occurred when parsing the package"[……]

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Configure DNS to resolve the unit root on a Windows Server

This approach has now been found a point of malpractice Kazakhstan,Configure the root cause will resolve the transponder failure,which isDNSIt can not be forwarded up the =。=


This tutorial is in line with "About Installing vCenter environment in a non-domain controller solution"This article is written,Hosts file is actually an easier way is to modify the system's native parsing can be added directly,However, this does not seem to do the reverse analysis? Here I am unclear[……]

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About Installing vCenter environment in a non-domain controller solution

During the installationvCenterwhen,In earlier versions it is generally to tie the domain controller? To complete,That has joined a domain and isNon-domain controllerComputer up to install vCenter,of course,Deployed to the ESXi hostapplianceThis is not within the scope of。

In vSphere 5.1 and later versions of them,VMware introduced a new service,This service seems to be straight[……]

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For the correct AD user password can not log in vCenter Web Client solutions

In the build a goodvCenter Web Client,And registeredvCenter Serverafter that,Open the appropriate Administration page with a browser,It was found in any case not log on,prompt"Invalid credentials provided”。

Finally log in on the still blank,Obviously a non-privileged account,See the full name of the account,That actually is installed vCenter host local administrator account (forgive[……]

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About Installing Windows Server in VMware virtual machines 2008 R2 does not recognize the card solution

inVMwareThe virtual machine to install Windows Server 2008 R2 does not recognize the card,Can not be founddrive,Many people say that because VMware is the default card typeAMD PCNet AM79C970A,Not compatible with lead。Then modify the virtual machine configuration file,Manually modify the network card model

See here

I used anothersimplerThe solution to this problem in the installation[……]

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Why VMware ESXi 5.5 on Windows 2003 client connection error?

Recently understand what virtualization,So, if you build a environment,During the installationvsphere clientWhen the connection to the server,Because other structures on hand before the rest of the environmentwin2003Virtual Machine,To save time I did not go to the new 2008 virtual machine,Result in the installation may prompt unsuccessful connection。

Results After installation is really successful!

Later found official explanation,Is such that:[……]

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