Month – June 2014

WordPress plugin common social comment Comment

Routing recently spent a few days to say social comment,Beginning the feeling is still very good。Mainly due to the WP commenting system comes with it is a bit difficult to accept - but hard to read these days I discovered with many problems,So the way,Simply put the current tried several domestic plug to make a social comment Comment,of course,Their version is as of the date when the article was published,With the future of my choice and I change[……]

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When using Windows Mac keyboard modifier key settings

At all events,Windows and Mac keyboard standard keyboard is not the same,Although usually also can be mixed with,But modifier key cmd (logo) and option (alt) position is always the opposite,On the Mac you want to add a Windows machine keyboard,Then congratulations,You have to use that wonderful bit keys。

This habit win either keys or keys used to the Mac friends[……]

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Celestial users struggle after Google service across the board banned

Since the end of May,Google services authority has banned nearly a month,Although later be killed since,Google's service has been no better than too much - but at least some of the service can still be used - such as calendar、For example, the occasional e-mail、Such as synchronous,Or webmasters popular ad。

But now thoroughly so bad,of course,I had, of course the majority of home technology has no effect,Versatile all show God[……]

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Routine maintenance is being performed,Please come back a minute later

If you are a creation with Wordpress,Then you must not have less experience problems updating。

In some cases,The system then prompts you to update yourself and not normal,We get stuck in place all kinds of weird,For example, the most common form:

Routine maintenance is being performed,Please come back a minute later。


To solve this problem is not difficult,ftp to the root directory of your Wordpress,Then find[……]

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WordPress complete eradication of Open Sans font


Since WP recently updated several new versions since,Open WP from national speed is getting slower and slower,Seconds on a stretch from the original into a child can not open,This route had once made their own blog hosts, where the wall is out =。=

later,WP Super Cache get the route to achieve a full stop pre-caching,Then also optimized the code highlighting pluginWP syntaxhighlighter,You can access speed[……]

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