Month – March 2014

Access、Trunk and Hybrid and this VLAN

Three modes switch port

On the switch,There are three commonly used configuration mode,Respectively Access (Access),Trunk (trunk or trunk) as well as Hybrid (Hybrid),These three interfaces operating mode determines the corresponding interface for processing the attitude data packets on the switch。Nowadays,Routing to elaborate on these three models。


Since the switch has divided the virtual LAN VLAN function is,So it[……]

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main (int ac, char * of[])和 main(int argc,char *argv[]) Of some of my understanding

Observance of the whereabouts of the 100th article,,,Although the content is somewhat illegible

Yesterday, see route on the main (int argc,char *argv[]) The article feels written brief said such a function

Of course first contact functions of this function is not the main (int argc,char *argv[]) But the main (int AC, ch[……]

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USB interface to Know

Universal Serial Bus

USB's full name is this,,A blink of an eye,USB 1.0 standard came from the 3.0,of course,Little blue box 3.0 also does not fully into our lives,As it is now around us phone、flat、SLR,Almost still in use USB2.0 standard,Occasionally,People around him or will not tell exactly which line corresponds to which device,What can mix,[……]

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c language command-line arguments argc,argv


int main(int argc, const char * argv[])

In the C language learning time,We are writing a program,Then view the results in a terminal run,Enter a number, and so on ...... do not know if you have not tried it allows you to write programs that can accept parameters like system commands it? For example,:ls -al like this。

If you wish to do so,Like that above[……]

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