Month – January 2016

A bowl of life's most delicious fried rice with egg compilation tutorial

ReadKnow almost answer yes vote,Really make life the best to eat fried rice,Here I look at the catalog to record tutorials for everyone haha,Designed for those who will write the code does not cook brothers。


...... If you need a bowl of rice bean meal is what's remember to pick out the beans do not ask me why。Rice from the fridge must be agglomerated,Remember to start it will break up,Put the pot too late。

You need two eggs - would like[……]

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How OS X crash reports appear in the notification center

For advanced developers or other areas for Mac users,Frequent crashes app pop-up windows crash reports "App quit unexpectedly" tawdry,OS X had interrupted work flow。A long-standing solution is to OS X in fullClose crash report dialog,In addition to,These crash report dialog was thrown into the Notification Center may not[……]

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Swift Lane Stack implementation

Today in practice design patterns when there is no sudden discovery Swift stack - Stack class is。Since I was shining Java version of the design patterns to learn,So I had no choice but to implement a look at the。

But speaking,In Apple's official manual, "generic" chapter really have a stack of chestnuts,It is the structure implemented。This is actually in line with the Swift's style - after all,, S[……]

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Xcode one of those plug-ins

Update:A blink of an eye 5 Years passed,This article is also invalid... Now Xcode no longer allows random installation of plugins,The only one recommended at the moment Swift Format for Xcode,Everybody,mutual encouragement。

Development on OSX,Then you necessarily involves dealing with this famous IDE。after all,We use IDE is to improve productivity[……]

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Encryption and decryption - make your information more secure

I remember someone saying:

We, as an ordinary person,Money is not state apparatus more,No country strong force machine - but on cryptography,It may be the first individual to an equal footing with such huge machine。

Internet all the time filled with a variety of information,Every word we uttered,Like every point,They are the equivalent of saying to everyone listening,it's here,Every word we can spread very far,Every one of our[……]

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