Do you like to read it? Buy mini rabbit does not know how to use? If you are a university student,Let me give you some advice!


This is my article published Wei Feng,Badly written,But seal the glaze is still praised Canada for this,This article makes long hung on the first page of the section of the mini rabbit ~ so ...... XD I'll come back to your own blog,In order to allow more people to see,Ah ...... This is the essence of a perfect school ~

As an undergraduate Luzhu,Especially in this type of a variety of professional engineering books we understand,Usually I like to read books and newspapers,so ...... before every holiday home half a rod box with books,To be honest miserable。Keke,Digress。At first I started going to the mini rabbit hair when an article ah,We mixed ah,Anyway, the children turned articles,It took so long,The article was written some software and plug-ins are also unfit to delete deleted by update,So I open another one,I have used recently to talk about what applications and plug-ins


First, plug,These plug-ins are used Luzhu weekdays and used,Some took advantage of re-jailbreak 7.0.6 update is no longer installed,Generally two types of plug-ins,One is functional,Productivity,For example Activator、iFile like,The other is cool looks such as Barrel (not misspell it =。-) Ah font friends,Here Luzhu more biased in favor of the former Ha,So some crazy cool hanging plug there is no ah,The following plug-ins you looked at the preferences and needs to carry out his,Do not get into it all,after all,Some plug-ins rely on what really use too long and then delete do not know who is who depend on the,Many will be left。


Activator Powerful plug-in gesture Some switches CCToggles this is dependent on the goods,Such flow switches ~

Other,This stock is a separate setting is also very good。

Sleipnizer for Safari Safari features enhanced gesture After the upper left hand installation default single-right switching tab,Under the right to close the current tab,Open a new tab at the left! Pull the pull-down refresh on Top! (Suggest,Installation smoothly finished package after installation,Then modify a length greater than twice the drop-down refresh,Otherwise it is not compatible with the Google search page! The change of direction further smoothly switching label about ~)
Nitrous Safari's Java engine After loading other APP you can also use this engine anymore,Safari loads the page and as fast as。
Chinese Calendar for Notification Center Lunar plug-in Notification Center Although it looks small ...... but we have finally reached。
CCToggles Custom operations center switch I followed the middle is set to "flight|WIFI|Mute|flow|Locate|RS "I turn to the right to" turn off background|Screenshots|camera|Restart "
Cydia booster This open accelerate the speed of cargo What can I say it? Essential
iFile File Manager Importance of the above
PP assistant After a jailbreak software supermarket This is good stuff,Who is who knows ah,Of course, there are other markets should,Speaking later I will,But there must be more,You look at what the pink ~
ScreenDimmer Let the tool to darken the screen I set to 5 minutes the screen is off,It is set to 30 seconds with a dimming,This is not a relative is power? Other,I remember watching a movie or something added to the whitelist =。=||
Eight keeper device "Gold Mountain Ranger"! Ok,,Installed on it,Like me who have to experience the game relied ......。。。
Crab Tour 5.0 GPS camouflage Go as you please - "Typical application scenarios:With Nora radar ", Installing the source can be deleted
Mobile Game Master Editor Download games This is what count here because I found from a digital source Cydia Lyon - very good。
WiFi booster To set the Wifi to add more information in the display! This seems very high on the ocean!
Flex2 Various patches modifications You can modify the settings of many things shared by other users modify the patch,For example, increase a VIP,What's going ad。
Baidu input method In addition an input method The latest public beta already supports mini rabbit,Baidu is still good - source:
data Meter WiFi and display traffic information in the notification center The status bar can also display speed oh ~
Auxo 2 Strong background switch plug! Relative GridSwitcher Auxo2 allow you to do it quickly switch,And CCToggles cooperate to achieve unprecedented Niubi。
iCleaner Pro System clean-up plug-in You can delete Cydia obsolete dependent,7.0.6 upgrade with no extra 1G of this should be able to clean out the 1G oh ~
LessAD APP built ad filter AdBlocker Haoshi than that of Wei Feng source oh ~


Thunder Well download the application ~ I can download VIP Platinum Member,so you know offline,You can, can see -
Coursera ITunes U is used as a substitute In fact I have never downloaded iTunes U succeeded ......'d still be able to see Coursera。
iBooks Reading application Great,Pass a few epub books,Select Open with iBooks in the ifile to import!
HD high moral map In addition to the map that comes with it or him! Saying been unable to recommend a Google maps,The reason you know,Ugh……
AVPlayerHD Function well,A try,It is a player It can be connected directly to the computer to play something on the computer,Support subtitles
Kindle Also a reading application azw and book azw3 can only use it to open ah,Why did I use the Kindle pw before it
GoodReader Powerful multi-format reader Network disk can be achieved with OneDrive cloud sync oh,At the same time use it very comfortable to read PDF documents,It may mark a variety of cutting edge,Make more and more optimistic than -。= Table shoot me,See more already rolled rough。
Not recommended enhanced version of the QVOD I know you know 2014Net network operations,You know。(August update,It is said that there are private servers can also use Oh oh oh I did not say anything)
SketchBook Very good sketch drawing tools Very professional,Interested friends can try。
Bamboo Paper Shorthand and sketching application,Wacom authorized out very good,I spent 20+ buy creative suite,Freehand up top than that to be comfortable,But this canvas is the size limit,Oh, do not top that!
One hundred words cut Good word back One hundred words cut back word map,I always use this word back to。
MDict A dictionary application,You can add your own data Typical application scenarios:Add "crisis encyclopedia" Chinese lexicon -
WolframAlpha Powerful search,English Typical application scenarios:To search for mathematical formulas - with detailed answers and steps -
Evernote Notes synchronization My computer phone mini rabbit will use this to synchronize,Dear,Please use the international version。
GoodNotes A great note-taking software Than the pen to well,Related software horizontal evaluation of several notes here do not say,A baffle,If you have a stylus,I came down with the use of it,Typical application scenarios:Instead of the traditional notebook to take notes in class!
MindNode Mind Mapping painting Mind mapping software is very easy to use。Some of my outlines are used to design this
Air Display Extended screen Can turn your computer's wireless mini rabbit becomes extended screen! This is the only one I can find the ~


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