Month – March 2017

Convenient to build their own use TimeMachine program

Finally I changed a relatively stable working environment,Now,This is my desktop:

All right,In short,With mobile hard disk backup on a regular basis is not a permanent solution,So,As a poor force,We give yourself to find a suitable、A convenient backup solution。

As the saying goes:

Backup is not,Wicked。

Then,We are concerned that my design。


First of all,As a poor force,Backup Solution Design[……]

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Iso image written in the mac

Loading system is a very common thing,Think about it for so many years since I have to save myself invisible in how much money XD

In short,Written on the windows, such as CD-ROM image will be easier (actually more difficult),Since many years because I always spare some common tools,In the mac,It is more tragedy,Not even a really easy to use 100% of CD image writing tool。

In fact,macos is[……]

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"important Notice: Say about to close. "

Just remember when doing blog,I also tried various third-party China's social comment system,And even wrote an article for analysis and comparison of the pros and cons between them:WordPress plugin common social comment Comment,Of course,Try again in,After selecting one of them and spent some time,I eventually go back to the wp's own comment system,Later, I wrote an article to illustrate this matter:I did not use a third-party evaluation[……]

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