Month – December 2015

A programming algorithms Huawei interview questions

Friend sent today a very special topic:

Topics:There are two array a,b,Size n,Any of the values of the array elements,Disorder;
Requirements:Through the exchange of a,Elements in the b,Elements of array a and b elements in the array, and the difference between the minimum。

I feel familiar at first glance the problem ... ... And domestic c exams almost,But a closer look seems to be a bit more difficult,Do not look like that has a clue what the problem。Ok,[……]

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iOS Concurrency:Getting NSOperation and Dispatch Queues

Recommended by a friend,Encountered such a good article describes concurrent,I translated it for everyone to read。I am not a professional translator,Limited level。Error is inevitable,If readers find the text is wrong,Welcome messages treatise!
Article translated appcoda iOS Concurrency: Getting Started with NSOperation a[……]

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WordPress Forgot your password message "Sorry,The key appears to be invalid. "

The new registration process has changed Wordpress,It does not require users to enter their own password to apply for registration,But in turn sent to the user's mailbox password recovery link。

This has the advantage of avoiding some of the security risks associated with the mailbox but also the way。but,This has been further requirements for building Wordpress bloggers these technologies,such as:

You need to configure their own mailbox - if you do not provide space Post[……]

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PAC with multi-proxy load balancing is similar COW

Some time ago I found using COW this projectAgents do have a very nice feature is that two agents can achieve load balancing and more lines! It is a major default do other backup,By configuring,The proxy mode to hash, you can achieve load balancing multiple lines!

Of course, COW is flawed,It is strange for the first site will be directly connected at least once,This will cause DNS leak,About this before I[……]

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Chapter VI with the stack view(Stack Views)UI design


iOS9 brings many new features to make our life easier development,Stack Views profile is a good example. Before you give a brief introduction of the auto layout. Let us work together in this example is simple, but,With your app UI becomes more complex,You will find all the iOS devices to provide the perfect interface constraints become more difficult. This is Apple's most[……]

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