Month – November 2013

Make sure that the class defined in this code file and "inherits" attributes match,And which extends the base class(Such as Page or UserControl)is correct。

One problem encountered in a recent lecture over to them is an error at compile time "Make sure that the code defined in the class file and" inherits "attribute matches,And which extends the base class(Such as Page or UserControl)is correct。”


Was so amazing even encountered an error,That is the whole sample pages Copy the code can be executed,[……]

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About pointers in c language in some of the experiments

We learnpointerWhen there may be a lot of things so that we confuse so I use a few small experimental program to give you answers to your questions:

First, from the definition, the variable is a pointer to the address stored in the variable。

Unary operator * is the indirection or dereference operator

Unary operator&Take for an object address,It can only be applied to objects in memory

That * (indirection obtained[……]

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About All in One of GNS3 prompt "Analyzing dynamips version failed" solution

The first run on a Windows systemAll in One的GNS3when,Have a variety of configurations setup wizard,In the testdynamipsWhen prone to "Analyzing dynamips version fails"Prompt,A lot of people stuck in here at a loss。- I have encountered this problem。

Out of the Internet,Find information related to a good few,It was agreed that as long as the installedwinpcapEverything will be fine[……]

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What is NBMA

NBMAEarly in the CCNA to have contact,Only the name has no concept of,This may be said to be the fault of the translation,After all, the back of his translation did not add parentheses correspond to write about the English name ...... ah,At least not write the full name。So,If I do change itNon-Broadcast Multiple AccessWhen you know,Yes,NBMA is a non-broadcast multiple accessAbbreviation。

Stands fornon-broadcastmultipl[……]

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OSX on update after the "failed to load the preference pane" security and privacy "," solution

In the updated10.9formal editionafter that,FindSystem PreferencesPanelSecurity & PrivacyOptions somehow not open,Prompted:

Failed to load preferences pane "security and privacy"


Open your "other"Folder"Font Book"application,as the picture shows


Then find all the words "shut down"Font turn them to open![……]

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