QQ space of privacy settings "dynamic archive my"

Before the dissemination of information quickly enough,No one seems to think aboutPrivacy issues。And now your information may be on the other side of the Earth people know when random,It also put the "privacy" issue to the fore on the table。

Recently routing are playingQQ space,After taking into account all the friends eventually did inEveryoneBut the QQ ......

Ok,QQ space for privacy settings,Or the need to customize some of。First regarded as a social tool QQ relatively intimate space to a certain extent,It is different with the blog,Since the predetermined gene,QQ space blog when you want to use is very difficult,Because it does notSEOAt all,Nor as to allow everyone index,of course,SpecializeQQ spaceCosmetics orSpreadIt is another matter。

Why we must pay attention to the privacy settings do? Because if you do not set,Then your space is by default have access to all,In that case,They can look at your message board,Your talk and log;Well, maybe you want to log in to share,So talk about it? I do not necessarily think that you are willing to share it with strangers,I know some of you would like to join the information,I just need to turn what you have been all this talk about hair,your name,age,Photos of essentially have a。

So how to do it? Even if access is set only friend,Only people who can answer the question of access,But they can still find those things we do not want to let others dig a grave, but did not want to bother or deleted,How to do it?

QQ spaceDo not know when quietly on the line a new privacy features,Called "sequestration my dynamic",Using this feature,You can quickly hide all previous talk about a specific date!

I use the dynamic features hidden storage too old to talk about the status entry。

I use the dynamic features hidden storage too old to talk about the status entry。

Ah ...... Of course, some content is not yo West or deleted Ay ~

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    1. Can not。
      QQ space used to be in the "Space Settings" section in the "Reply settings" set who can comment,But now that option alone is no links。
      Privacy settings inside is gone (I can not remember previously encountered view comment)
      Now you have two choices:
      1、All messages are set to require review,Decide what can be displayed on the message board;
      2、By "permissions" among the "Who can see my space" such a big authority to prohibit an individual or most people visit your message board。

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