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since 2011 Year builtR0uter's Blog(CG lattice) since,I have been constantly looking for my own home:Learn Guoshu physicochemical Played wrote poems and songs,Test had art students,Engaged CG Design,Network novels written,Network technology along the way ...... did Bumpy Road,That year's "CG grid" have become "R0uter's blog"。


R0uter's blog isCommitted to working with a small share of network technology blogMy Public PKM,Inside there is my summary of a variety of small tutorial、Small articles andStrangeRecord,But they are the only thing in common andComputer TechnologySCIENCE take orgy。With the improvement of my personal skill levels,I will do its utmost to have some valuable original content articles out。

Off the grid is clean,No ads。Browse now less,If the day after a real fire,See more people,I strapped the,Probably would hang up a few ads.Hehe。but,I strapped、Pocketed fire before,It is not there。

So,RSS SubscriptionsIt must also be full of。

Why created R0uter's blog?

I started because I wanted to write something to share,At that time it has not blog just emerging microblogging this thing,At that time I have registered in Sina Netease, Sohu, and so there are now a lot of blog has been closed down,Now there should still have my marks。But too restricted,Others Shoudexia,advertisingadvertisingadvertising! I really can not stand in my sidebar for a tutorial recommended by a politician's latest comments! Contributions are limited or too long,Either in addition to all the same default theme would never nice theme,Their definition will change to change the background so ......,When doing LITERATURE,On smoothly but also to their application a space,Altogether himself came running from WP。Not much room,Speed ​​discomfort,Cheap steady wins。result,Accidentally,Two years, three years, four years, five years, six years, seven years, eight years, nine years, ten yearsEleven years have passed,Haha。


Now R0uter's blog is written by my own,Occasionally one or two friends contributor。Write a blog for me is more of a workout,A way to put your experience logically,Text of ability;The ability of others to understand and appreciate your spirit make;In short,On the one hand it is to exercise their own,On the other hand this is also the beginning of the domain name space and to be responsible。With the increase of technology depth blog,I will try to find a more powerful people to join,And strive to make it more Niubi,More powerful,More authority


Welcome to submit、leave a message、Letter;Any problems we can discuss research。