Month – January 2014

Linux storage of lvm (Logical Volume Manager) Logical Volume Manager (1)

First we need to understand why with LVM

Generally expand partition:Need to be adjacent。

advantage:LVM makes it easier to manage disk space。If the file system needs more space,Available space volume groups which may be assigned to a logical volume,And you can adjust the size of the file system。If a disk error began to appear,You may be replaced by a disk volume group registered as physical volumes,And the logical volume range can be migrated to a new disk。[……]

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What is a microcontroller? Monolithic way of working! Monolithic integrated circuit study for knowledge

I. the concept of SCM

In one IC chip integrated microprocessor、Memory、I/O interface circuits,So as to constitute a single chip micro-computer,Single-chip microcomputer。

Two. SCM uses

Industrial Automation:Data acquisition,Measurement and control technology;

Intelligent instrument:Digital oscilloscope、Digital signal generator、Digital multimeter、Induction ammeter;

Consumer electronic products:Washing machine、Refrigerator、Air conditioning machines、Mobile phones;[……]

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How to install Linux under the C development environment


This article will guide you with detailed steps to deploy C-language development environment under Linux,Due to numerous Linux distributions,Specific circumstances vary,As used herein, the classic example of RHEL5。

Installation under Linux C development kit

Linux C development kit can be installed under the yum service,You can also use iso CD installation source files via the command rpm,Here use is[……]

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C development environment under Linux Introduction


Linux operating system kernel is mainly written in C,Many Linux software is written in C,For example, MySQL、Apache, etc.。Beginners When compiling such software,You will encounter a variety of errors,Just a preliminary understanding of the Linux C development environment,Preferences can resolve some errors during installation。

Linux's C Development Kit

Linux C development environment with the Wind[……]

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Suggest a DjVu and PDF online conversion system conversion site


DjVu is a relatively new alternative to PDF document format,This format is not how seemingly common in China,If you suddenly hand this e-book format,Do not panic,Pocketed the Internet to find this is the only all network provides online conversion to PDF DjVu website,Support section Chinese,It is not difficult to use。

This is the website address:


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An Zhuozhi to everything can install third-party TV software market


Before I'm sorry because I neglect the most important step to be omitted ...... resulting software tool impossible to find TV ...... now make up the volume。

NowSmart TVMore and more,In fact, one might as well sayAndroid TV BoxSo that。Download charges,Pay TV Pay movies online watch,Free can only see three minutes is not that also the death card death,Finally it comes with a software download is also a supermarket "An error occurred when parsing the package"[……]

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ARUBA MSA1100 AP thin fat transfer configuration


The recent start of a aruba AP,That has recently been very fire MSA1100,Although the configuration interface is the CLI,But as a Cisco engage in so many years of hard to force the siege lion mention of course,The advantage is that the AP can fat can thin,Under the so-called family have to say it was business。


There are three models MSA1100 system products,But unfortunately,I got this was at the bottom of the 2110A[……]

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HID keyboard device in Parallels Desktop 9 keeps connecting and disconnecting the solution


* In the 9.0.23 version of the PD,If you install the operating system of Windows,You will encounter a small bug,That is the forum said everyone in the discussion about Caton。


This is accompanied by Caton tone of,You open the speaker volume,You will hear a similar tone plug U disk,After investigation found the device,Or two,One is the HID keyboard devi[……]

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