swift4 urlSession get and post requests network

Ado,Directly on the code。




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NextCloud to build private clouds with personal


Background account

Before everyone wrote OwnCloud build private clouds with personal Articles,Until now, network disk have been out of service for some time,Now ownCloud The team also abandoned pit,All switched to develop a new network drive”NextCloud“。

ownCloud version number has been maintained at[crayon-6147cfd[……]

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OwnCloud build private clouds with personal

Background account

According to regulations of the country,All network disk must be reviewed! (Probably because too much goddess,You know = _ =),Then have stopped most of the network disk service,Now only some of the big manufacturers still operating in the cloud。but,You keep to a certain degree in the cloud all the information must be subject to review (the goddess of the film becomes 15 seconds educational films,It is light;If you say dang good,Or to save the file to a similar degree in the cloud,Tomorrow will be[……]

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OpenWRT series of tutorials WEB management interface installation --LUCI

You can now have access to the Internet,Next, we installWEBManagement Interface,because thisCLIInterface is really boring enough。

PS:Xiao Bian is to learnCISCOof,CISCOofTHEReally Niubi ah,Simply handy,Sincere! So I breathCISCOofCCIEDown testOk,Not cackle,carry on

LIGHTSYesONofWEBManagement Interface,Very strong very strong! !

Update Software[……]

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Basic settings OpenWRT tutorial series interface

Now ping www.qq.com pass ~!

Although you can now access the CLI OP,But can not do anything,To use WEB access OP,We need to give OP to install on your web page,But only if we want toGive OP connected to the network

Topology as follows:


First, let's giveVANA port configurationIPaddress,MakeONAccess to Internet。According to my topology,mineVANPort should be usedDHCPThe most appropriate way[……]

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Initialization OpenWRT configuration tutorial series

OpenWRT is a very powerful system! I,As a small white OP,Research journey began ...

First, look for installation,Topology as follows

ONWhat is the first boot configurations are not,So,First boot the computer with a network cable connectionONofROLLINGmouth,Then it will automatically get a192.168.1.0/24ofIPaddress,Because it is the initial configuration,YesNoWEBpage,So we can only[……]

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Java development environment Introduction


JDK (Java Development Kit) is a Sun Microsystems product for Java developers。Since its launch Java,JDK has become the most widely used Java SDK。JDK Java is the core of the whole,Including the Java Runtime Environment、Java tools and Java Foundation Classes。The first step is to learn the Java JDK。[……]

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How to install Linux under the C development environment


This article will guide you with detailed steps to deploy C-language development environment under Linux,Due to numerous Linux distributions,Specific circumstances vary,As used herein, the classic example of RHEL5。

Installation under Linux C development kit

Linux C development kit can be installed under the yum service,You can also use iso CD installation source files via the command rpm,Here use is[……]

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C development environment under Linux Introduction


Linux operating system kernel is mainly written in C,Many Linux software is written in C,For example, MySQL、Apache, etc.。Beginners When compiling such software,You will encounter a variety of errors,Just a preliminary understanding of the Linux C development environment,Preferences can resolve some errors during installation。

Linux's C Development Kit

Linux C development environment with the Wind[……]

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