Month – March 2016

Optimization of WordPress comment reply notifications

in most cases,We are accustomed to using Wordpress comes with the comment system,Although it's not intended to make people - after all,,Third-party commenting system it is difficult to accept。

Relatively good third party to say it is disgusting;The foreign system several good reviews and very inconvenient to use China,In general,Wordpress comment system still comes with the best。

Then,Speaking Wor[……]

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Strongly typed programming language、Weakly typed

in most cases,People use the programming language is implicitly convert data types to determine whether a languageWeakly typedLanguage,For example, C。

In fact,For in addition to the more classic foreign language,Most other common languages ​​Strong、Weak type could not tell - or,YesInconsistentof。So it will always be someone to argue。If we take as the basis for the concept of opening,Then the conflicts will appear:

比如 Pasc[……]

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Let go Homebrew Update Agent

Before we said,As the domestic network was further bad,use brew AlsoReplace domestic universities mirror source,But this method palliatives,An update is faster,But still the same download。

The result was the most updates need to download the source code and compiled locally,Luck almost altogether also download the source code is not down,Cancel every time and try again,Constantly repeated manual。

- If we can go Agent Terminal Command[……]

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