Month – May 2012

c = getchar()) != ' N' and for loop

learnedfor loop,In practice when it came to getchar()) != ‘n’ The problem。I.e.while loopSo that in thefor loopEnter the void (to be treated as a character。)

All to known,getchar functionUsed to get the character,And if the direct use in a loop,It found that the situation will not be able to press enter characters into the system。The reason is the carriage return character is so ~,At the same time we want to add[……]

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The c programming is really not a good book in the baby in the baby

I continue to read this. "C Programming》,It isHemopurificationThat this,Third Edition。I bought it was genuine,Really I do not know why so many people recommend this book online,day!

About thatvoid main () error shakingI do not do more than Tucao,,,

Saying today do exercises,Decisively I found a mistake。

In book 89,Exercise Exercise 4.5, his title was an example of this is the:[……]

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Science taught you access Series Three:MAC OS X 篇

In fact, they are the focus of this,Other,In os x is a graphical interface under oh ~

All right, Direct lecture。

First of all,to hereDownload SourceThis software is calledGoAgentX,It is designed for use on OS XgoagentOh user-developed

of course,Compile need to use Xcode,Since most of the cheese and do not download the software giant,I translated well for everyone,Using Xco[……]

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Science taught you access Series II:windows platform configuration chapter

Hi, everybody,We have already registered a good appid,Why not set the 16-bit code it? Because we really need is not so much security,Anyway, your Google account is not used to do secret things chant! In short,I did not get。Haha

All right,Now,Let's configure your pc computer online。

First of all,To download the required files。The official word isHereThe stable version is 1.8.4,If you can not open the case,[……]

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Taught you how to access one of the series of science:Register appid

Today, I may be too tempting for all hair in the state,Everyone made me ask questions of science online。。so,I will be finishing the tutorial! In fact, this is not a highly technical is no secret,On the contrary,I use this method or methods on the network Tinghuo。As for the principle,It is based on GAE application,You can refer to this chart to understand。(Click for larger image)



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