Samsung DEX uses third-party input methods

I recently had the opportunity to try out Samsung’s Dex mode.,Encountering a headache。I usually use Shuangpin when typing Chinese.,Samsung keyboard does not support double pin.。Only third-party keyboard Google keyboard can be installed。But on Dex,Although the Google keyboard has been automatically added in the settings,But in actual use, only Samsung’s own keyboard can be used。

The solution is also very simple,Just delete the Samsung keyboard。I do not[……]

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Package xxx has no installation candidate on Raspberry Pi

When the newly flashed Raspberry Pi image is enabled,Chances are you're getting weird apt errors:

of course,more than this,Installing any package would be Package xxx has no installation candidate


Check out your first [crayon-669e36a[……]

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Avoid website hijacking by malicious domain names

The server of R0uter's blog rejected the embedding of the site

I accidentally found a batch of websites today,Such as Now when you click on this website, it will display " refused to connect.”,When I clicked on it for the first time, I was stunned...he actually copied my entire website? !

This is a series of three-digit domain name websites,Are similar operations。

and many more,I found out that[……]

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zsh enable bash * Asterisk wildcard function

Recently I found that the server is very slow every time apt upgrade,The reason,There are still a lot of unused kernels that have to be regenerated every time,Encountered a problem while cleaning up,*Number matching does not take effect,You must manually enter the full kernel name each time to uninstall it。

Found after stepping on the pit,It turned out to be because I used zsh,and zsh The default is not supported * No. wildcard! It’s easy to turn on this feature[……]

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