OS X open RamDisk to accelerate as Safari and Xcode

Save the script as an application

With the upgrade version of Xcode,speedMore slowly,In particular, Yiyanbuge "Whiteboard"I believe we will have problems encountered。

This is the very thing affecting development efficiency。If it is possible,Then we will Xcode cache file into memory,It should be much faster speed。(Although rmbp of ssd have a very fast,But compared to memory,Or far worse -For mechanical hard drive[……]

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UILabel HTML rich text support

Normal UILabel Is used in the application interface displays a simple text tips,but,We can also use it to display the contents of a large segment of users that do not require the participation of editors - such as reading the tweet

These contents are characterized by a need to support rich text。 [crayon-61f0270fdbed322070[……]

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UITableViewCell highly dynamic configuration

UITableViewController Is quite a common space in the iOS development,It's very early cell can support highly adaptive,Or is highly dynamic。In development,If the cell in the complex layout of content - such as a micro-blog even drawing with the word。Well, this time automated highly dynamic becomes very useful - you do not have to calculate the total[……]

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