Month – September 2015

Homebrew update 遇到 Error: Failure while executing

In use brew when,Often you will encounter all kinds of weird errors,Such as updating time often encountered:

and this:

Experiencing these problems,Eighty per cent of your brew directory permissions error。

Use the following command to repair[……]

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How to use the "Encrypted Folder" on OS X

Many people know Windows On a variety of encryption software can be downloaded,Cryptography Let's first large-scale machine and large organizations on an equal footing。

For example, the industryAES encryptionThe current situation is still very safe,in WindowsOn You may need to use some third-party software to achieve - for example, the easiest rar software can also achieve the basic encryption。But in my big OS X on,You can use the built-in magnetic[……]

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Build OpenConnect VPN server AnyConnect (ocserv)

This article had written the,But never had a chance to do the experiment too--estimation,Anyway, writing,I will come,Everyone if necessary in conjunction with a look at ... ...?note,Please refer to theLatest notes

To build on the server ocserv,Should first install dependency

Download ocserv

access ft[……]

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Avoid DNS leaks on OS X

Recently more and more high wall,With the relationship between fascism and the moon cake festival,Many also demolished the ladder。Even developers are also several ladders?,So,In addition to "How science online," this issue,"How to stay safe online," this issue has become more and more people can not be ignored。

I know all of you not only to use,It is a general use computer access,I think this issue should also receive attention。Everything you say in the network are your top[……]

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