About reload windows7 cover grub2 rehabilitation program

Your computer is not installedlinux + windows dual system? Debian linux is not your family? 7 is not a win?
Reinstall win7,Overwrite the grub2? win7 can not grub4dos? Unable to boot linux? New,perfect,Favorite linux only heavy equipment?
Do not! You are lucky,Perhaps before you have to do,But you see[……]

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Google launched a free public DNS server

Andy build thisBlogSome days,Mmm。

It has been good,Downside is that the speed is not fast,Probably with a small local network-related security here,Friends did not happen。

Until yesterday,We have problems,Andy is the site not open ...... ...... Could it be that decisive contact customer serviceOverseas HostIsblockThe? !

Results desperation people came to give Andy a big shot ...... weighs,everything is normal。[……]

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