R0uter's Blog AWS on the cloud in mind

R0uter's Blog was first run on the virtual host,Can only be operated from the panel,no authority,Very awkward to use。In addition, anyway, I got the server to run over the wall proxy service,Then simply moved the blog to the VPS。So I started my vps tossing journey。In a blink of an eye, ten years have passed,I also ran on Vultr's VPS later. 4 year。of course,A lot has happened in between,I did cnswift, did drop boxed input method,There is also a macOS version of the drop-off input method... So this is $20 a month[……]

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Package xxx has no installation candidate on Raspberry Pi

When the newly flashed Raspberry Pi image is enabled,Chances are you're getting weird apt errors:

of course,more than this,Installing any package would be Package xxx has no installation candidate


Check out your first /etc/apt/sources.list ,See if the source address inside is commented out,Here mine is normal。[……]

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Run a static website with AWS S3 Enable https

Website Speed ​​Test from docs.logcg.com

The instruction manual of drop-off input method is a static site compiled with Gitbook,Has been deployed on netlify before,It's a pity that his house is gradually being walled... I had to move this static station to the server of R0uter's Blog。Now I plan to migrate the whole,So after thinking,Simply throw this static site into the aws container alone.,I just recently used aws for work and study,I'm more familiar with it。

To run a static site in aws,First let's plan the topology,probably so:

GitHub → S3 Containers[……]

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