Csf firewall to effectively prevent the use of small-scale DDOS

Before I wrote an article,After purchasing a VPS you should spare security measures,This side describes how to install csf Firewall,In fact, just a few simple commands,but,At that time, my ignorance,In fact lead to csf FirewallIt does not really take effect,The reason is csf and ufw are the same as iptables script,They are in the same level,We are conflicting。

So,In the configuration csf Firewall,You should execute the command ufw disable

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Avoid input candidate article hidden behind other windows

When developing pocketed macOS version of the input method,I encountered such a problem,That is the window priority issues。Before How to make NSWindow displayed in a different Space or the Screen This article I referred to himself realizes candidate field pocketed input method,In fact, with a NSWindow Implementation。So since it is a common (through the magic change) of [crayon-59e820212955448848[……]

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Face coronasdk physics engine

Development on mobile phone,Currently popular on the network mainly two development software,Is a well-known unity (after all, the year 4399 above the game online edition of Minecraft developed by it,3d engine without any software beyond it),Another is the relatively small minority of the cocos。cocos occupy a major position 2d game,And unity has occupied a major position 3d game。And we are talking about the same as coronasdk and cocos 2d game engine (coronasdk not been known before 2010 mainly due to charges[……]

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Development plate reader serial Android Andrews

Recently received a project,Demand is to do a special project Andrews board serial read and write in order to achieve some specific external devices to interact with - yes you read right,Andrews is also a board can have serial port!

Many friends do mobile development may not come into contact with - in fact, before I did not come into contact with。He stepped on seven or eight hours a pit,Finally climb out,Here to do a summary,Each board may project different circumstances,We must improvise。

First of all you need to know

Jumper,In order to save the project board USB interface,The default external USB interfaces are not connected to the computer debugging[……]

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Larry 🖥,Non-stop fight。→ 落 格 输入 法 macOS 版,Official last! 🎉

Excellent input method,We came another excellent platform!

Although it lacks many features,But I can not wait to share these good things to you,He pocketed finally embarked on the input method macOS,over the years,Enter Larry is a nightmare in macOS,Now,This nightmare can end up。

In addition to incomplete abandoned pit I do not know when it can not be used palms input method for Mac、An outer substantially non-professionals can not be input with the Rime,You have one more choice,Pocketed input macOS version

When the Ins and Outs of six months[……]

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Black Apple nuclear was compatible 21:9 monitor

Some time ago I said ISave for a black high with apples,It was using an ordinary 1080p display,mine 21:9 To colleagues spent。

Now,I can not stand this 16:9,So he and I changed next,I go back to my 21:9,The results did not expect ...... Nima does not even support!

I heard hd530 drive nuclear significant not OK not result in recognition ......

In short,We still have a way to get the,Experienced a struggle most of the night,got the answer,The first is the splash screen,As shown below,把 Screen Reso[……]

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I commemorate the dead people is how to make blog global black and white?


Here is how to record what I do so that all of a sudden become a blogBlack and whiteof,Go one by one and replaced with a modified theme picture element must be a terrible way,I, of course, is global css style files,Use css itself functions can be realized black and white gray scale rendering。

Add the following code in WordPress theme built additional css saved to take effect,If you are a static website,Then put the very beginning of the sentence added to your website style。


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Analyzing a multi-monitor window position macOS

When developing pocketed input method,I met such a thing,That is, as a candidate bar window will go beyond the screen when the edge of the screen! and so,In the display window when I do extra check the coordinates:

In short,That is, if you count the coordinates of their width exceeds the width of the screen,Norway put it back。

but,Such treatment can not beMulti-monitorGood working,Since this timeMulti-monitorThe coordinates lead:

macOS multi-display coordinate Mechanism


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How to make NSWindow displayed in a different Space or the Screen

Among write off the grid input method the Mac version of the process,I encountered such a problem,Article candidate system API disrepair,Many API functions exists but is essentially useless,such as:

This method is used to set the style of a candidate bar,In addition to the default inside IMKCandidatesSendServerKeyEventFirst This can take effect outside,The other not ignore。

This awkward,Now flat out score easily 4k or to Watch[……]

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