URL encounter Chinese characters could not be initialized

In the Swift,We often use URL To initialize a path,For example, links to web pages。For example, this:

When the user clicks the button (for example, the Help button),Then all of a sudden will help the user to open the default browser,And opens the specified page (here's a forum)。

Then,If this is your link: "https://How gracefully v2mm.tech/topic/618/ use pocketed input method dashed function" Then it is unfortunate,collapse。


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Gradle configure proxy

Gradle Default directly connected network,Even Mac set the global proxy is the same。Even if you set up a proxy to Android Studio,It will still be directly connected fine, clear that you can not connect to the Web site in China for a lifetime ......

Make Gradle Acting walk,You need to give it a separate configuration,In each project gradle-wrapper.properties Insert statement follows,Remember https do not save!

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How do the most basic password security to the server.

Do app do site,Inevitably and server、Backstage、Data deal,Then developed as a background,When it comes to Register Login,You should think most users should be safe,In particular password security。

Now a website security community almost every day、A company is Tuoku,That is the whole point of being stolen database download。So all your user data fall into the hands of criminals,Even so should be how to prevent,Criminals can not get the real password of the user of it?

Here we define,"Can not get" refers to the "lifetime" He can not get,Theoretically, if there is sufficient time ([……]

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Design three elements:The virtue of what independent developers to seize the user's heart?

China's Internet is monopoly,Most Internet users daily access are not escape those few manufacturers of service,Another point of view,They do not require services outside of these manufacturers。Because daily Internet services are monopolized by manufacturers,As an independent developer,You do not have enough human and material resources,Not thinking focus、Research does not expect users,The temerity to contend against the wind and manufacturers,So the next failure is inevitable。

Previous articleWe discussed the importance of market segmentation for independent developers,So this time we take a look,No money, no team did a designer of independent developers,How[……]

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NextCloud to build private clouds with personal


Background account

Before everyone wrote OwnCloud build private clouds with personal Articles,Until now, network disk have been out of service for some time,Now ownCloud The team also abandoned pit,All switched to develop a new network drive”NextCloud“。

ownCloud The version number has been maintained at v9.x.x ,As a newborn, however Nextcloud,The initial version is[[……]

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Market segments:How independent developers that determine the development project

As the saying goes,A good beginning is half the battle。
I find a lot of friends to chat,I want to sayIndependent developmentPerson,Say you have an idea or project。And so they opened their mouths,I knew he was the end result is going to vote resume。

Many independent developers from the outset doomed (more likely than others) fail。 Why do you say? Many developers try to do independent development,Finally, you find yourself doing the app with no one。Eventually leading to frustrated,Back office。

Independent developers and companies to develop different,You do independent development,Then you are a person must wear many hats,But the most essential[……]

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Adding to the server ipv6 support through Apple's review

IOS app backend server to do,It needs to be done IPv6 support,although 6 Almost do not use in China,Unfortunately Apple is now requiring all shelves app needs to support pure ipv6 network,So,At least our server to be up and running in under an environment ipv6。

Since most domestic server can not provide ipv6 network,So we can only find their own tunnel,Now it is used more widelyThis one,I also used their service,It is free,Registration look like。

After registration,Select the lower left "C[……]

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How pocketed the key input is to achieve sound

All to known,R0uter Input ToolNot need to obtain "Full access”,So according to Apple's rights,Naturally, can not playTouch-toneThe。

but,recentR0uter Input ToolThis update added the feature - you can even join in later versionsKey shockThe。However, I stillNo needGet "full access"。

Then,How I do it?

iOS in the sound and vibration

In fact, the same thing。In iOS in,Actually sound vibrations,That is,First of all,As long as play sound,You can shake,Because in the iOS[……]

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Save a black apple hackintosh used for development of

IPhone and other platforms to develop applications,Always need to use an Apple computer,Or iMac or rmbp,Even the mac mini is also OK。but,When a relatively large development projects,We need something more,Such as me,While doing a littleInput,But what algorithm run run thesaurus,A trip down must one day,It might also collapse again。Whenever Xcode disappointing at every turn white when,I wanted to - to a mac pro how good。

but,The price is a bit Oh。

Finally,in Cy[……]

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