Samsung DEX uses third-party input methods

I recently had the opportunity to try out Samsung’s Dex mode.,Encountering a headache。I usually use Shuangpin when typing Chinese.,Samsung keyboard does not support double pin.。Only third-party keyboard Google keyboard can be installed。But on Dex,Although the Google keyboard has been automatically added in the settings,But in actual use, only Samsung’s own keyboard can be used。

The solution is also very simple,Just delete the Samsung keyboard。I haven't tried this with multiple third-party keyboards installed,In my own case,After deleting Samsung keyboard,Since I only have google keyboard,Google Keyboard will automatically become[……]

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R0uter's Blog AWS on the cloud in mind

R0uter's Blog was first run on the virtual host,Can only be operated from the panel,no authority,Very awkward to use。In addition, anyway, I got the server to run over the wall proxy service,Then simply moved the blog to the VPS。So I started my vps tossing journey。In a blink of an eye, ten years have passed,I also ran on Vultr's VPS later. 4 year。of course,A lot has happened in between,I did cnswift, did drop boxed input method,There is also a macOS version of the drop-off input method... So this is $20 a month[……]

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Package xxx has no installation candidate on Raspberry Pi

When the newly flashed Raspberry Pi image is enabled,Chances are you're getting weird apt errors:

of course,more than this,Installing any package would be Package xxx has no installation candidate


Check out your first /etc/apt/sources.list ,See if the source address inside is commented out,Here mine is normal。[……]

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