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还记得刚做博客的时候我也尝试过中国的各个第三方的Social commentsystem,甚至还写了一篇文章来分析对比它们之间的优劣WordPress plugin common social comment Comment,Of course,在尝试的一遍并选择了其中之一用了一段时间之后最终我还是用回了wp自带的评论系统后来我还写了一篇文章来说明这件事情I did not use a third party commenting system一年半后的现在来看我的选择是多么的明智!

😏你们用To sayof,自己想办法导出多年的文章评[……]

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Xcode automatic version

Make sure developers have had such trouble:Version submitted wrong!

Version of the compiler and testing more,When the inevitable submitted only to find the wrong version number。Or is the background version number is correct,Reception forget to change the version number。In fact,Allows reception automatically obtain the version number of the background data,For example, this:


Background version still have to manually write ah! It fills the major version number,Different programs have their own different style,This is not a number and some even skipped,Then structure[……]

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A stack automatically sorted Swift

a year ago,I'm here git onReleased aSwift used to achieve stack,There are two versions。Because Swift itself does not achieve this thing - even though the official part of the tutorial is to use genericsThe StackExamples cited。

Perhaps people think this is too simple, right

In short,This time I play this thing,Because the HMM Viterbi algorithm needs to be done to trim,Otherwise, the path too much unnecessarily increase the amount of calculation - after all,,We are concerned first,Who would pay attention to second it?

So,This stack is based on native Arr[……]

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I pocketed the input method users add automatic reply robot

If that FIG.,I pocketed the input method of the user group broke a Robot,As the user off the grid input method more and more,Some admiring novice more。Many common problems repeated questions,Made people battered,If you can have a robot,Like Siri as,It automatically captures those keywords and then respond to these users,Not Miya? So that users can get answers carefully edited,And I can free up more time for you to write code on behalf wan xi。

of course,Such a robot I've ever seen,So I think there must be something ready-made,Obviously,Under the first search I found this[……]

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Swift is determined whether there is a string expression Emoji

Update:The network spread emoji Code pointNot complete,I follow Wikipedia-refresh a bit,The paper version of the code was updated Swift。

Many times we need to determine a character、Or that there is not a word that contains the emoji,Use Swift language development app is no exception,For example, you can use a regular expression - but unfortunately,It seems different language support for regular expressions distinction, \in [……]

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Pocketed input method is how to achieve app settings without the need for full access?

All to known,On iOS since 8.0 Start version,Keyboard can be developed for iOS third-party input method,These keyboards can be sold on the AppStore,but,But also has a very strict access rules。

This,Apple's third-party keyboard design of the two permissions,A minimum of,Permissions Only the most basic functions of the keyboard、Another relatively more,Get the keyboard "Full Access"Basically after permission and android Almost on the keyboard,You can access contacts、It can be networked, etc.。


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Could not load the “” image referenced from a nib in the bundle with identifier “com.xxx.xxx”

Today, I encountered a strange problem,Program runs no problem at all but the terminal given as follows

In fact, it is wrong on the subject,This question seems quite simple - not that the pictures referenced lost it ......

actually not,Since the name is "" So you can not find what exactly is the picture lost - a fact not lost。

After all, the program does not have a resource inside[……]

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Write off the grid a little life experience of the past six months input obtained

He says you may not believe,R0uter Input ToolAt first I was a practiced hand project,It's calledBoats

But in the hands to write it before,In fact, I had complained many times,They say they want to write a useful input method,Because I used Larry,The existing input method,Larry did not pay attention to how this group,The same time,Speaking on spelling,Various advertising pop red dot also put their own utility functions ah ah sentence input to these advantages buried。

Very beginning,R0uter Input ToolIs such that:

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CloudKit Optimization Guide

Recently added to the input method pocketed called "Logarithmic Cloud"s things,It is not difficult,Simpler than using iCloud Document,But not too much information online,You started by those tutorials to real life should not be a problem,But want to enhance the user experience,It is not so easy。Here we take a look at,How to get CloudKit Run more fun。


In General,You get a data might look like this:

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