R0uter's Blog AWS on the cloud in mind

R0uter's Blog was first run on the virtual host,Can only be operated from the panel,no authority,Very awkward to use。In addition, anyway, I got the server to run over the wall proxy service,Then simply moved the blog to the VPS。So I started my vps tossing journey。In a blink of an eye, ten years have passed,I also ran on Vultr's VPS later. 4 year。of course,A lot has happened in between,I did cnswift, did drop boxed input method,There is also a macOS version of the drop-off input method... So this is $20 a month[……]

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Package xxx has no installation candidate on Raspberry Pi

When the newly flashed Raspberry Pi image is enabled,Chances are you're getting weird apt errors:

of course,more than this,Installing any package would be Package xxx has no installation candidate


Check out your first /etc/apt/sources.list ,See if the source address inside is commented out,Here mine is normal。[……]

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Run a static website with AWS S3 Enable https

Website Speed ​​Test from docs.logcg.com

The instruction manual of drop-off input method is a static site compiled with Gitbook,Has been deployed on netlify before,It's a pity that his house is gradually being walled... I had to move this static station to the server of R0uter's Blog。Now I plan to migrate the whole,So after thinking,Simply throw this static site into the aws container alone.,I just recently used aws for work and study,I'm more familiar with it。

To run a static site in aws,First let's plan the topology,probably so:

GitHub → S3 Containers[……]

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M1 macOS Install Windows 11 virtual machine VMWare

Initializing configuration

waited a long time,Finally wait until the VMWare preview release supports the Arm version of Win 11. Now let's try it out on macOS 12.5 Upload a Windows virtual machine。

Download resources

First of all,You have to have a VMWare account,This will allow you to download the technical preview version of Fusion from the VMWare website。 https://customerconnect.vmware.com/downloads/get-download?download[……]

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What is the life cycle of a third-party input method on the iOS platform?

we just discussed What is the life cycle of third-party input methods on the macOS platform?,Now let's talk about third-party keyboards for the iOS platform while it's hotThe life cycle

On Apple's official website,only this:

It seems easy to understand,The life cycle of the keyboard is managed by the system,Every time the user calls out the keyboard,just it starts,User puts away the keyboard,After a while it's wiped out。

But with the previous macOS input methodFramework life cycle experience,Let's look at iOS again,Is it really? in appledeveloper documentation[……]

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What is the life cycle of third-party input methods on the macOS platform?

A blink of an eyeR0uter Input ToolIt's already the third generation,Surprisingly, I never seem to have seriously thought about the question in the title。I have always assumed that macOS and iOS The same is to create an input method instance for each input box,And the Controller of the third-party input method,only one globally,The system is responsible for XPC calls。

Later though I found out that the Controller doesn't destroy as soon as the input box loses focus,But I still think the system will generate a new Cont for each input box when it gets focus[……]

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How to split the full pinyin of drop-off input method

5 years ago,I have written aBased on Dynamic Programming sentence input methodArticles,The problem of pinyin splitting is mentioned at the end of the article,Because the drop-off input method was mainly aimed at Shuangpin,Splitting is not actually required,Just take it apart in two。(This is another reason why I admire Shuangpin,After all, there is one less technical difficulty)

Later, drop-off input method supported the full spell,And start to optimize the whole spell,Only found the original Pinyin participle,Even more difficult than Chinese word segmentation。

Many people mention Pinyin participles,First of all, I thought of making an analogy with English word segmentation.,Not really accurate,Although they are[……]

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macOS M1 Pro install h5py

Failed to install h5py

installation TensorFlow Time,encounter a dependency h5py,This package could not be successfully installed anyway,Error no information available:

it's hard to do,Check the log and find that there is no binary package for m1,compiled automatically。But the compiler reported that the header file could not be found:

So use brew to install the missing library,under search,Really have[……]

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