Talk Shadowrocket and Quantumult

Since I replaced the United States District Apple ID,Originally purchased the Surge will not be used again - of course,Now Surge also updated the new version,to me,Spend millions to buy an advanced network debugging tools and then simply used over the wall,Think I felt very stupid。

Fortunately,macOS version of the Surge 2 Authorization is still,After all, this does not follow Apple ID,I can continue to use。Surge future 2 Stop updating of the maintenance,I would consider continue to adhere to a few years to buy new。

In short,In iOS[……]

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How pocketed input method macOS is how to handle ascii 0x01 compatibility issues -macOS input settings correct buffer

As early as last year,R0uter Input ToolUsers have reported thatR0uter Input Tool macOS can not type Chinese normal mode in the proper way cloud notes MarkDown,After testing proved true,Embodied in the text when hit,buffer refresh will be strange delete a character before the cursor - on,no more, no less,To delete a。

Fiddle for a long time failed,Finally, I did not move all the contents out of print,Discover the mystery:

When I get input cursor to the left of the text printed out,I found behind the text is appended a strange character[……]

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Pocketed input method is how to share anti-piracy accounts on iOS

For iOS developers,The face of app piracy,The biggest problem is not a technical break,Instead, more and more sharing of pirated Apple ID,Some people might say that piracy is equivalent to a "trial" of the,Like people will naturally go into positive ...... but in fact,Because of penny share account of piracy,Led to numerous independent developers and ultimately to the vote resume。

In short,last year,Surge authors published such an article Surge 2.0 It is how to achieve the anti-piracy on iOS His theory was purchased from the app[……]

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In NSView 10.12 Detailed problem does not show shadow

On iOS,If we want to display a shadow View,So basically do:

but,To the macOS,This would not work - no effect。

The answer lies in the macOS a View If you want to use layer ,You must manually mark,For example, this:

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Road Less Traveled:How independent developers that find resources

In fact, two months ago, this one should be written,However, there are some things to delay so they now。A few days ago to discuss the concept and friend to the independent development of the "small minority" of,I feel the need to further detailed definition of what。exactlyIndependent developersWhat to do this minority is,The so-called market segmentation,Exactly how should subdivision。

Mind niche

When it comes to niche segments and,It may be the first impression a lot of people are those things nobody cares about, such as a handful of students in a small school needs,In some lawyer or needs work ...... Here we recallMarket segments:How independent developers that determine the development projectin[……]

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letsencrypt tool renamed certbot

Today Gerber drop-off certificate expired,I have written beforeHow to add https support with letsencrypt to blog,And teach you to write a regular update service at the end of the article,So you do not own every three months to update the manual。

but,If your certificate to expire,So in fact, letsencrypt Robot will send you a reminder email,The general content like this:


Your certificate (or certificates) for t[……]

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ANNE pro GH60 customize the keyboard keys set macOS

Before I wrotePoker 2 Mechanical keyboard Mac key to modifyArticles,Because now I bought a lift tables,Then poker wired,So very convenient,Just wondering to buy a Bluetooth keyboard,I did not expect that year dream of mechanical Bluetooth keyboard has been ready,Just,He wondered if he ordered a。

I have a soft spot for wasd key direction of poker,Especially after the change is fn capslock,Simply programming tool,Cool batch,So this is bound to be looking for 60 key keyboard,Also support capslock + in[……]

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macOS keyboard event intercepted three ways

Under normal circumstances,You do not need to know the contents。

In rare cases,Your app might need to get the user presses the button information,such asThe ones released Develop a Input Method。Only then can you provide candidates to the user。

How to create an input method under macOS,I'm hereSwift uses InputMethodKit to write an input methodThis article has detailed instructions,Pass it over here,How do we have focused on addressing key user,Especially the handling of a modified key。

Pocketed input method has always been a sort of a small[……]

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winform using video as a window background

A recent project on Windows,Customer requirements to do the "flip" a little,So,Dynamic window background is always essential content (such as mobile phones qq login screen, right?

I thought this is a very easy to implement functionality so keen on the idea down ...... yes,in winform in,Not so easy to achieve the effect you want the。

Of course,We think that if you want to play video,Then the system comes with media player,Just add a control that can handle - the result is a video playback of either[……]

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