Adding to the server ipv6 support through Apple's review

IOS app backend server to do,It needs to be done IPv6 support,although 6 Almost do not use in China,Unfortunately Apple is now requiring all shelves app needs to support pure ipv6 network,So,At least our server to be up and running in under an environment ipv6。

Since most domestic server can not provide ipv6 network,So we can only find their own tunnel,Now it is used more widelyThis one,I also used their service,It is free,Registration look like。

After registration,Select the lower left "C[……]

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How pocketed the key input is to achieve sound

All to known,R0uter Input ToolNot need to obtain "Full access”,So according to Apple's rights,Naturally, can not playTouch-toneThe。

but,recentR0uter Input ToolThis update added the feature - you can even join in later versionsKey shockThe。However, I stillNo needGet "full access"。

Then,How I do it?

iOS in the sound and vibration

In fact, the same thing。In iOS in,Actually sound vibrations,That is,First of all,As long as play sound,You can shake,Because in the iOS[……]

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Save a black apple hackintosh used for development of

IPhone and other platforms to develop applications,Always need to use an Apple computer,Or iMac or rmbp,Even the mac mini is also OK。but,When a relatively large development projects,We need something more,Such as me,While doing a littleInput,But what algorithm run run thesaurus,A trip down must one day,It might also collapse again。Whenever Xcode disappointing at every turn white when,I wanted to - to a mac pro how good。

but,The price is a bit Oh。

Finally,in Cy[……]

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OS X open RamDisk to accelerate as Safari and Xcode

With the upgrade version of Xcode,speedMore slowly,In particular, Yiyanbuge "Whiteboard"I believe we will have problems encountered。

Xcode recurring loss of code highlighting,Commonly known as "white."

This is the very thing affecting development efficiency。If it is possible,Then we will Xcode cache file into memory,It should be much faster speed。[……]

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UITableViewCell highly dynamic configuration

UITableViewController Is quite a common space in the iOS development,It's very early cell can support highly adaptive,Or is Dynamic height。In development,If the cell in the complex layout of content - such as a micro-blog even drawing with the word。Well, this time automated highly dynamic becomes very useful - you do not have to calculate the total。

In fact, many people will not use thisDynamic height,Some people even use the time to initialize itself a new cell,Then write[……]

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Convenient to build their own use TimeMachine program

Finally I changed a relatively stable working environment,Now,This is my desktop:

My desk

All right,In short,With mobile hard disk backup on a regular basis is not a permanent solution,So,As a poor force,We give yourself to find a suitable、A convenient backup solution。

As the saying goes:

Backup is not,Wicked。

Then,We are concerned that[……]

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Iso image written in the mac

Loading system is a very common thing,Think about it for so many years since I have to save myself invisible in how much money XD

In short,Written on the windows, such as CD-ROM image will be easier (actually more difficult),Since many years because I always spare some common tools,In the mac,It is more tragedy,Not even a really easy to use 100% of CD image writing tool。

In fact,macos A unix,It does not require third-party tools can also get,You can use the well-known dd。This trick works even linux。[……]

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"important Notice: Say about to close. "

Just remember when doing blog,I also tried Chinese various third partiesSocial commentsystem,And even wrote an article for analysis and comparison of the pros and cons between them:WordPress plugin common social comment Comment,Of course,Try again in,After selecting one of them and spent some time,I eventually go back to the wp's own comment system,Later, I wrote an article to illustrate this matter:I did not use a third party commenting system,After a year and a half now look,My choice is how wise!

😏你们用To sayof,Think of ways to export for many years Comment article[……]

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