Month – August 2016

With Santa prevent Mac QQ start of

Update,The name of the new version of qq screenshot changed,To QQ jietu ,Directory unchanged。

The following commands have been made corresponding modification。

We all know that QQ this thing and 360 A sample,Do no good,。A Mac version is also thought to function well with,First touches hooligan playing up。After this update,[……]

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Swift in regular expressions

At the beginning of a,Swift did not provide regular expression support,So we can only package,For example write a structure,Like this:

In fact, Swift already has support for regular expressions,We just need to:

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Swift set cut scores

in most cases,If we want to get the contents of a section of the array (for example, front-to-middle,Some of the values ​​of the array or the last),This time you need to traverse the array to assign a new array:

Such an array of short, better said it does not matter,However, if the array is relatively large and we need to value and more,It is clear that it is a waste of time to traverse up。[……]

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Let go pip Agent

When using python,Often you need to download some third-party framework,Fortunately, python has a similar apt package management tool,pip。

but,Although management packs can pip,But no source switching mirror,And we downloaded package,Most of the large foreign code hosting server,This often leads to a few hundred KB of package to download one hour。


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What is Larry?

Pocketed double input method input method is a professional,It worked to make the user experience the pleasure double input, and also both spelled all the advantages--such as mass lexicon。

For double recognition,You should no longer stay in the words between the coincident code rate of spelling and five this concept,Larry is stylish、Line with the instincts of a Chinese pronunciation input method。


To introduce double,We are starting from your most familiar spelling。Need to know,a[……]

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"Plugin invalidated" ios Customize Keyboard

Home for iOS system does not seem to be willing to write an input method,Except for a few oligarchs other than large companies do nothing else。Approaching China's unique Apple ecological platform,Find inside are empty shells,Meaningful applications is really very little of。

Pocketed blog recently is working to write in the first paragraph can really support the iOS platform the code table of double input method,First compatible double nature of the programme is open to the "Chick double",[……]

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