After you set syntax highlighting for VIM and sometimes invalid

I am learning c programming language did not use the old-fashioned tc2.0, nor with the new tc,Before school is under linux,Learn to give up after a short time。

Now before you start,It lion in,Using the console + vi (vim) + gcc compiler。

About vi highlighting syntax and set the first line indent, etc.,Well, IPrevious articleAlso introduced a solution,With them was quite pleasant。[……]

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How to learn C language

Today, the Internet search boring article,Find this,not bad,Cool shell network,Ok,,Posts to Favorites。Original linkhere

I believe,This may be a problem a lot of friends,I used to feel that way,Program compiled to a certain time,Ability to find the bottleneck,Neither deep,Nor solid,Dabbler。such as:Your long-term use of Java and .NET ,These virtual machines are convenient language for the development of convenience,But for programmers[……]

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Vi to write about it! Under OS X lion learn programming。



These days start learning a programming language c,Recommended for all programmers introductory language,Watching "c programming" Oh I still feel Alexander。This book should not be the best course of it,But I happen to have this book and the corresponding guidance,It will be on the read。

I am learning to program in lion under,So directly down the Xcode,Oh,Of course, I really would not use[……]

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Xcode 4.3 with NO GCC!?

Finally he again picked up the courage to "c programming",After installing xcode but found there were no gcc series stuff,,,depressed,Google's Internet,Have solutions


The solution is to Preferences > Downloads > Command Line Tools > Install


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