Month – December 2014

How to properly remove the Mac Time Machine database

Time Machine on Mac is a good thing,Allows you to have a regret at various unexpected happens you can eat。Other,If your backup is stored in which external,Once the computer lost,Can quickly restore the previous state of use on the new equipment。

but,This thing always disadvantageous,Ok,Once you use Time Machine to restore your computer completely,Then all previous backups can not[……]

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Yosemite in Jitouch each boot pop solutions

before,Jitouch been using very smoothly,Various functions very well,But since upgraded Yosemite,Has been at boot time pop pop this privilege issue,Prompt you to go to "safe" inside the permission to open。

The fact that in the corresponding window which,And no Jitouch options,This makes very upset。

Entangled so long after,Routing finally found a solution:


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Summary from four aspects should not do a good Leader

Last routing spoke "Six words to help you start》,this time,To talk about how to do the role of a Leader。In fact, Chinese is the "leadership" of the meaning of it,but,Chinese leaders often also with a special color,And this color and not what I want,So ,Here is the use of the English word Leader,I hope we can accurately understand the spirit。

What route is not a celebrity or a so-called[……]

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networkmanager can not manage the network and prompt "unmanaged network devices."

Using the Linux desktop system time,Many of my friends will encounter network manager prompts "Device unmanaged" situation。


In this case, the network can access the Internet,But the network manager - general nature is hard to force the Network Manager,But life and death does not display state。

In fact,at this time,The system uses another set of network management scheme,And this program[……]

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2014In network marketing situation


Recently I attended a sharing session about Internet Marketing,This will actually share a lot of dry goods,The value of which there were many things to learn。

Now ppt Paste,And some personal summary,Write something more inadequate,Please forgive me。

2014This year, advertisers are network marketing,More investment in digital marketing increase。

This situation also because this year the mobile Internet side[……]

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