Good office software,Everyone ultimately,。Office 365,You go!

Office 365,Buy buy buy

This is what office software,Word processing、Table editing、The famous "ppt" slide,After graduation I almost touched Microsoft no longer tied,Occasionally need to use a text editor is Apple's iWork series (of course, writing papers or something, forget it),In short,This time I want to soft again,Push Office 365.

In fact, Microsoft's Office suite,It may still use pirated - this is an excellent opportunity to put it[……]

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"important Notice: Say about to close. "

Say official website announcement,Say ending soon

Just remember when doing blog,I also tried various third-party China's social comment system,And even wrote an article for analysis and comparison of the pros and cons between them:WordPress plugin common social comment Comment,Of course,Try again in,After selecting one of them and spent some time,I eventually go back to the wp's own comment system,Later, I wrote an article to illustrate this matter:I did not use a third-party evaluation[……]

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Blue light Lantern 2.0 Official release

Blue light Lantern 2.0

As early as last year, Lantern It has been released,Worldwide sharing tools as a new breakthrough blockade。When it is completely closed beta,You need to apply and wait for the message to verify。However, it is based on Java,Mac version of the basic disability ......

If you have a ladder,You can watch a video below,This is available when the time Lantern,Official website released a promotional video。

Doing great。


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SARFT ban vulgar reality show:Boycott and show off their wealth over the star

Yesterday,Light Ding Bureau officially issued the "Notice on Strengthening Management of the reality show"。The circular points out,Hot nowadays reality show mostly interesting and "meaningless"。It is not a good guide social values ​​of the public ......

Alas,Light Ding finally do a piece of Personnel,Speaking of reality show,I thought of that sucker 20 beauty review see monkey ..................[……]

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VM most serious vulnerabilities Venom cloud services is threatened!

This afternoon,I'm knocking Code,Then on the west coast, a vps sent e-mail,Said server to restart Update,And I happen to have a vps is there in his。In addition to hardware and general maintenance accident,Cloud services basically online - after all,“High availability"It is the main subject of cloud services。

but,This time is different,Just today,The new virtual machine loopholes available,Exploit this vulnerability,You can make every minutesudden[……]

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