Month – February 2018

Item “xxx” is used by macOS and cannot be opened.

When restoring data,You may need to use U disk copy data,But macOS default is read-only mount ntfs,of course,We have a way to use the command line to become re-mount it read-write。But this is likely to cause ntfs permission error,The result is that when plugged into another computer's,This file mayGrayed

If you use this time to force it open decompression software,Then you will have to[……]

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Talk Shadowrocket and Quantumult

Since I replaced the United States District Apple ID,Originally purchased the Surge will not be used again - of course,Now Surge also updated the new version,to me,Spend millions to buy an advanced network debugging tools and then simply used over the wall,Think I felt very stupid。

Fortunately,macOS version of the Surge 2 Authorization is still,After all, this does not follow Apple ID,I can[……]

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